Online: Insect Lipids: From Science to Industry

Insect lipids as novel source for future applications: from science to industry

30 November - 01 December 2022, ONLINE


Due to an increasing incidence of the COVID-19 infection and a subsequent limitation to attend physical meetings, the symposium will be held online.

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Insect lipids as novel source for future applications: from science to industry

Insects are bred in a fast-growing new industrial sector for applications as food and feed.

During processing two fractions are obtained: proteins and oils. While proteins are aimed mainly for food and feed, oils remain for further processing and are of valuable usage. Euro Fed Lipid organises important conference in Europe taking into consideration different sources of oils and fat with broad variation of origins and usage.

The subject of insect oils and fats was firstly presented during the 18th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo in 2021. The aim of the Insect Lipids Symposium is to provide a platform to learn about origin, composition, processing, and application of insect lipids from the view of both research and industry.

In addition to food and feed, these lipids are applicable for cosmetics and technical applications similar to vegetable and animal oils and fats. Similar to the broad range of common lipids every insect species also produce unique lipids, which may show different physical properties and may contain additional secondary substances. Therefore, the process steps are expected to resemble the processing steps for regular vegetable oils, but shall be adapted to reflect unique properties required for new applications.

We look forward to your attendance and participation.

Chair: Thomas Piofczyk