8. DGF Education Course

Oilseed Processing – Basic Principles and Latest Developments

13 - 14 September 2022, Munich, Germany

Dear Reader,

‘Nothing is more consistent as change’ and thus nothing is more consistent as the need for continuous education. This is also the case for vegetable oil processing. The requirements change continuously and become more and more demanding: not only on the input materials but as well as on the final products (key word: feed and food safety), on the process technology and the processes themselves – in terms of efficiency, safety, utilization and especially important these days: need of energy.

These demands increase the complexity of processing and thus the needs on controlling processes, equipment, efficiency, quality, safety, environment, etc.

Delivering a sound understanding of the relevant interconnecting factors is the aim of these courses. After having successfully held these courses several times in German, this course will be now presented in English.

The focus of this 8th course are the key process steps, their key parameters and challenges of oil seed processing and oil refining. A special focus will be the energy saving opportunities – sharing and discussing best practices applied in the industry these days.

The DGF offers this course to newcomers and lateral entrants to transfer basic knowledge, but also to discuss new and actual topics with the participants and experts: The fundamental current problems of daily oil mill operation will be discussed with the participants and solutions elaborated for practical usage - based on long year experience in engineering and operating oil mills. The course will have the character of a seminar – to pick up specific issues raised by the participants.

The working group ‘process technology’ of the DGF sees its role as a neutral body to collect and transfer knowledge on oil processing with an educative concept. It consists of many senior experts from operations and engineering in this area. Enabling the connection of science, engineering as well as operations.

We invite all inquisitive ‘lipophils’ to participate in this course. Every participant will receive the presentations electronically.

DGF Division "Process Technology"

Dr.-Ing. J. Hollien Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thies Langmaack