10th European Symposium on Plant Lipids

Lipid dynamics, metabolism & function

09 - 12 July 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Colleagues,

Please be invited to attend the 10th European Symposium on Plant Lipids in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 9-12 July 2023.

The European Symposium on Plant Lipids (ESPL) is an international conference, showcasing roles of lipids in Green Life Sciences and Biotechnology. With a history of over 20 years, it is the best and most renown European conference dedicated on plant lipid biology. Among world experts, the latest results in various areas will be discussed, typically involving ~120 scientists from all over the world, including PhD students and post-docs. Topics include all fundamental aspects of lipids (biochemistry & enzymology), their functional characterization in cellular and physiological processes (cell biology, genetics, physiology), and their exciting applications (biotechnology). ESPL helps building a global network of scientists in the field and is organised every two years, except for previous version that was skipped due to corona. So make sure to block your agenda for the 10th European Symposium on Plant Lipids in Amsterdam from 9-12 July 2023.

Amsterdam is very easy to reach by air (Schiphol), train or bus (Amsterdam Central Station, Amstel Station). The hotel and conference center, Hotel Casa, is only a 4 min walk from Amsterdam Amstel station, which can be reached via train, tram, bus or metro. Likewise, the old city center can be quickly reached within 10 min. Amsterdam is a very cosmopolitan city with numerous musea, restaurants, shops, and lots of other things to do.

Papers will focus on:

- Lipid metabolism (fatty acids, sphingo-, glyco- & phospholipids)
Lipid signalling, trafficking, and channelling
Biosynthesis and regulation of storage- & extracellular lipids
Lipid biotechnology

in plants, cyanobacteria & algae.

Looking forward to see you all and in good health.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Teun Munnik

Plant Cell Biology, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands