Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

April 3 - 5, 2023 Vienna, Austria

Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry

Aim of the conference

The international symposium will focus on current developments, novel approaches and cutting-edge technologies in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug research with sessions on

First Disclosures & Medicinal Chemistry Highlights
Molecular Glues & Degraders
RNA-Modifying Enzymes
Translational Science Case Studies
New Chemical Technologies
In Silico Solutions in MedChem

Young Investigators.

The scientific program will include lectures, and poster presentations. It is the goal of the organizers to make this meeting an event of scientific excellence, attractive to both industrial and academic scientists in Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and related fields of research.

Information about the Scientific Programme

Dr. Gerhard Hessler
Head of Synthetic Molecular Design
R&D / Integrated Drug Discovery
Industriepark Hoechst Bldg. G877, Room 24
65926 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Phone: +49 69 305 40098

Contact at the University

Prof. Dr. Thierry Langer
University of Vienna
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division
Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2
1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 4277 55103