5th International Symposium on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants

08 -10 July 2024, Bologna, Italy

5th International Symposium on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants


We are delighted to invite you to the upcoming 5th International Symposium on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants (5th ISLOA), which will take place in the fascinating city of Bologna, Italy, from 08 July till 10 July 2024.

Lipid oxidation is a critical area of research with far-reaching implications in various fields, including food science, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and health. The role of antioxidants in mitigating lipid oxidation is equally significant.

Our congress aims to bring together experts, scholars, researchers, and professionals from around the world to exchange knowledge, share their latest findings, and foster collaboration in this important domain.

The meeting will cover, among others, the following topics:

1. Innovative methods for lipid oxidation and antioxidant evaluation (e.g. fluorescent probes, mass spectrometry, lipidomics, NMR);

2. Elucidation of lipid oxidation and antioxidant mechanisms (e.g. free radical chemistry, multiphasic systems);

3. Lipid oxidation and antioxidant effects in real systems (e.g. bulk oil, emulsions, oleogels, food, recycled oils);

4. Protein oxidation in lipid-containing model systems and food: oxidative interactions and antioxidant effects;

5. Nutritional and physiological effects of oxidized lipids and antioxidants.

The Congress will be held against the stunning backdrop of Bologna, offering a stimulating intellectual atmosphere along with the chance to fully experience the city's rich artistic and culinary traditions.

Bologna, renowned as the gastronomic heart of Italy, is a city infused in history and academic prestige. Its narrow streets, lined with arcades (known as the Porticoes of Bologna, UNESCO World Heritage Site), bear witness to centuries of intellectual pursuit and cultural richness. Home of the world's oldest university, the Alma Mater Studiorum University di Bologna, this city embodies a perfect union of academic excellence, culinary mastery, and architectural beauty.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to Bologna at 5th edition of ISLOA meeting.

Scientific Committee Members:

Riccardo Amorati, University of Bologna, Italy

Maria Teresa Rodriguez Estrada, University of Bologna, Italy

Maria de Fátima Martins, Uiversity of Porto, Portugal

Charlotte Jacobsen, National Food Institute, Kgs Lyngby, Denmark

Karin Schwarz, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany