101 Years of Macromolecular Chemistry

Biennial Meeting of the GDCh Division of Macromolecular Chemistry 2021

September 13 - 14, 2021, Online Conference

Poster list

P01 (Session I, 13 Sep)
The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1066: Nanodimensional Polymeric Therapeutics for Tumor Therapy

P. Besenius, Mainz/DE, K. Landfester, Mainz/DE, S. Grabbe, Mainz/DE

P02 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Flexible Materials for High Resolution 3D Printing of Microfluidic Devices with Integrated Droplet Size Regulation

N. Weigel, Dresden/DE, M. J. Maennel, Dresden/DE, J. Thiele, Dresden/DE

P03 (Session I, 13 Sep)
A Simple, Metal-Free Preparation of Block Copolyethers for the Soft-Templating of Ordered Mesoporous Carbons with Continuously Tuneable Pore Diameters

C. Vogler, Stuttgart/DE, F. Markus, Stuttgart/DE, S. Naumann, Stuttgart/DE

P04 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Polymer Architectures by Chain Walking Catalysis – Topological Transition From Linear Chains to Dendrimers

R. Dockhorn, Dresden/DE, L. Plüschke, Dresden/DE, A. Lederer, Dresden/DE, J. Merna, Prague/CZ, J.-U. Sommer, Dresden/DE

P05 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Poly(norbornene)-based Degradable Nanogels for Control over Immune Responses

J. Kockelmann, Mainz/DE, L. Nuhn, Mainz/DE

P06 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Controlled Electrochemical Doping to AchieveHigh Conductivities of Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Films

D. Neusser, Stuttgart/DE, L.-S. Hornberger, Stuttgart/DE, C. Malacrida, Stuttgart/DE, L. G. Kaake, Burnaby/CA, S. Ludwigs, Stuttgart/DE

P07 (Session I, 13 Sep)
From Controlled Confinement of Electroactive Species in Functional Porous Block Copolymers towards (Photo)Electrocatalytic Applications

L. Stein, Stuttgart/DE, S. S. Y. Liu, Stuttgart/DE, J. Kuhlmann, Stuttgart/DE, C. Malacrida, Stuttgart/DE, T. Widder, Stuttgart/DE, K. Dirnberger, Stuttgart/DE, S. Ludwigs, Stuttgart/DE

P08 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Synthesis of pillar[5]arene-based singly and dually cross-linked responsive gels

M. Rodin, Paderborn/DE, D. Kuckling, Paderborn/DE

P09 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Morphology Control of Water-Soluble Multicompartment Micelles through Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Triblock Terpolymers

D. Coban, Muenster/DE

P10 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Homogenous and Monodisperse Janus Cups Tuneable in Curvature and Size

S. Azhdari, Muenster/DE, M. Trömer, Muenster/DE, D. Coban, Muenster/DE

P11 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Low dn/dc and low molecular weight is no more a challenge for SEC-MALS

S. Damodaran, Darmstadt/DE

P12 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Synthesis of functional, hierarchically structured polymers

J. C. Brendel, Jena/DE, T. Klein, Jena/DE, F. V. Gruschwitz, Jena/DE, F. Hausig, Jena/DE, F. H. Sobotta, Jena/DE, H. F. Ulrich, Jena/DE, N. Ziegenbalg, Jena/DE

P13 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Microfluidic preparation and direct in-flow crosslinking of cell-laden microgels

B. Reineke, Jülich/DE, I. Paulus, Würzburg/DE, S. Förster, Jülich/DE, J. Groll, Würzburg/DE

P14 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Preparation of PP and PE nanoplastics in water

J. Hildebrandt, Berlin/DE, A. Thuenemann, Berlin/DE

P15 (Session I, 13 Sep)
The Analytical Ultracentrifuge as a tool to study stimuli-responsive micelles with potential for gene therapy

G. Cinar, Jena/DE, K. Leer, Jena/DE, J. I. Solomun, Jena/DE, U. S. Schubert, Jena/DE, A. Traeger, Jena/DE, I. Nischang, Jena/DE

P16 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Engineering nanogels for drug delivery to pathogenic Aspergillus fumigatus

T. Vogel, Würzburg/DE, Y. Yu , Würzburg/DE, A. Beilhack, Würzburg/DE, J. Groll, Würzburg/DE, K. Albrecht, Würzburg/DE

P17 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Effect of crystallinity on the properties of polycaprolactone nanoparticles containing the dual FLAP/mPEGS-1 inhibitor BRP-187

A. Vollrath, Jena/DE, C. Kretzer, Jena/DE, B. Beringer-Siemers, Jena/DE, B. Shkodra, Jena/DE, J. A. Czaplewska, Jena/DE, D. Bandelli, Jena/DE, S. Stumpf, Jena/DE, S. Hoeppener, Jena/DE, C. Weber, Jena/DE, O. Werz, Jena/DE, U. S. Schubert, Jena/DE

P18 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Systematic Studies of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate)-Based Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Side Chain Polymer Electrolytes for Application in Lithium-Ion Batteries

I. M. Weiß, Karlsruhe/DE, P. Theato, Karlsruhe/DE

P19 (Session I, 13 Sep)
Degradable poly(2-oxazoline) analogues from partially oxidized poly(ethylene imine)

N. E. Göppert, Jena/DE, M. Kleinsteuber, Jena/DE, M. Dirauf, Jena/DE, C. Weber, Jena/DE, U. S. Schubert, Jena/DE

P20 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Estradiol Removal by Adsorptive Coating on a Microfiltration Membrane

Z. Niavarani, Leipzig/DE, D. Breite, Leipzig/DE, A. Bernd, Leipzig/DE, A. Schulze, Leipzig/DE

P21 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Investigating the surface charge of microplastic particles with Colloidal Probe-Atomic Force Microscopy

T. Witzmann, Dresden/DE, G. Auernhammer, Dresden/DE, A. Fery, Dresden/DE

P22 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Antimicrobial polymer coatings for endosseous implants via RAFT polymerization

R. Methling, Paderborn/DE, D. Kuckling, Paderborn/DE, C. Wolf-Brandstetter, Dresden/DE

P23 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Polymeric Amine-N-oxides as Kinetic Gas Hydrate Inhibitors

L. Limmer, Mainz/DE, Q. Zhang, Guangzhou/CN, J. Blankenburg, Mainz/DE, H. Frey, Mainz/DE, M. Kelland, Stavangar/NO

P24 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Monolithic polymeric supports with uniform diameter pores for continuous catalytic reactions

H. Acikalin, Stuttgart/DE, M. Buchmeiser, Stuttgart/DE

P25 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Processing of fast-gelling hydrogel precursors in microfluidics by electrocoalescence of reactive species

T. A. Neuendorf, Dresden/DE, N. Hauck, Dresden/DE, M. J. Männel, Dresden/DE, L. Vogel, Pforzheim/DE, P. Liu, Dresden/DE, E. Stündel, Dresden/DE, Y. Zhang, Dresden/DE, J. Thiele, Dresden/DE

P26 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Static Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images Reveal the Mechanism of Supramolecular Polymerization of an Oligopyridine on Graphite

U. Ziener, Ulm/DE, F. D. Goll, Ulm/DE, G. Taubmann, Ulm/DE

P27 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Confinement Effects For Efficient Macrocyclization Reactions With Supported Cationic Molybdenum Imido Alkylidene N-Heterocyclic Cabene Complexes

F. Ziegler, Stuttgart/DE

P28 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Tunable, Thixotropic Hydrogel Cell Scaffolds from Peptide-grafted Biopolymers

C. V. Synatschke, Mainz/DE, L. Wiechmann, Mainz/DE, J. Gacanin, Mainz/DE, T. Weil, Mainz/DE

P29 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Reconstructing the Environmental Degradation of Polystyrene by Accelerated Weathering

A. Mauel, Bayreuth/DE, N. Meides, Bayreuth/DE, T. Menzel, Bayreuth/DE, J. Senker, Bayreuth/DE, P. Strohriegl, Bayreuth/DE, V. Altstaedt, Bayreuth/DE

P30 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Synthesizing Polyethylene from Polyacrylates - Decarboxylation as a Versatile Tool in Polymer Chemistry

S. Frech, Karlsruhe/DE, P. Theato, Karlsruhe/DE

P31 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Development of Cyclodextrin-Based 3Rotaxane-Crosslinked Fluorescent Polymer and Investigation of Its Thermolysis Behavior

Y. Akae, Karlsruhe/DE, T. Takata, Hiroshima/JP, P. Theato, Karlsruhe/DE

P32 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Janus Particls with Tunable Amphiphilicity

B. D. Frank, Potsdam/DE, Z. Zeininger, Potsdam/DE

P33 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Precise functional polyethylenes via Sonogashira polycondensation

S. Baraban, Karlsruhe/DE, P. Théato, Karlsruhe/DE

P34 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Prediction of nanoparticle sizes for arbitrary methacrylates using artificial neuronal networks

J. Kimmig, Jena/DE, T. Schuett, Jena/DE, A. Vollrath, Jena/DE, S. Zechel, Jena/DE, U. S. Schubert, Jena/DE

P35 (Session II, 14 Sep)
New redox-active polymers based on cyclopropenium cations and squaric acid amides for high capacity organic electrode materials

V. Le, Karlsruhe/DE, P. Théato, Karlsruhe/DE

P36 (Session II, 14 Sep)
3D-printing of shape-memory polymers based on halogen-bond-interactions

J. Meurer, Jena/DE, R. Kampes, Jena/DE, T. Bätz, Jena/DE, J. Hniopek, Jena/DE, O. Müschke, Jena/DE, S. Zechel, Jena/DE, M. Schmitt, Jena/DE, J. Popp, Jena/DE, M. D. Hager, Jena/DE, U. S. Schubert, Jena/DE

P37 (Session II, 14 Sep)
Bioprinting of microfluidic generated microgels based on a degradable and bioactivated POx/GelPA hybrid system

I. Paulus, Würzburg/DE, B. Reineke, Jülich/DE, J. Shan, Würzburg/DE, S. Förster, Jülich/DE, J. Teßmar, Würzburg/DE, J. Groll, Würzburg/DE

P38 (Session II, 14 Sep)
The Impact of Anionic Polymers on Gene Delivery

F. Richter, Jena/DE, K. Leer, Jena/DE, P. Mapfumo, Jena/DE, J. I. Solomun, Jena/DE, M. T. Kuchenbrod, Jena/DE, S. Hoeppener, Jena/DE, J. C. Brendel, Jena/DE, A. Traeger, Jena/DE