Bunsen-Tagung 2021 - Multi-Scale Modelling & Physical Chemistry of Colloids

120th General Assembly of the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

May 13 - 15, 2021, Regensburg

Bunsen-Tagung 2021

Multi-Scale Modelling & Physical Chemistry of Colloids

University of Regensburg © Matthias Weich

We cordially invite you to the Bunsen-Tagung in Regensburg!
The 2021 meeting will celebrate both the 99th anniversary of the Colloid Society and the 120th General Assembly of the Bunsen Society.

Regensburg was founded as “Castra Regina” by the Roman emperor Marc Aurel in 179 CE. Since the year 555, it was also the fi rst capital “Ratisbona” of Bavaria. Almost undamaged by World War II, the inner city has been declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2006 and is since one of Germany’s top travel attractions. After a fi rst attempt to found a University by Duke Albrecht IV in 1487, Regensburg had to wait until 1962.

The conference focuses on two main topics: Colloidal Science studies matter that is structured on the nanometer scale. It is the realm where polymers and membranes form their shape, where aggregates of amphiphilic molecules form, and where particles coagulate. Forces on diff erent length scales drive colloidal behavior: the atomistic structure gives rise to attractive and repulsive forces.
These interactions determine structure on a larger scale and drive colloidal processes. Multi-scale modelling methods are inspired by this interplay of diff erent length scales and combine simulations with atomistic and coarse-grained resolutions. Parallel sessions will be held to present most recent results from all other fields of physical chemistry – from catalysis to thermodynamics, from gas phase to solid state, from electrochemical studies to time-resolved spectroscopy.
We are confident that you will enjoy the wide scope of subjects from fundamental to applied physical chemistry.

Our team is dedicated to realize this event during the springtime of next year, in accordance with the then applicable guidelines for CoViD-19 protective measures in order to ensure a safe and productive opportunity to meet for the Bunsen-Tagung 2021.

We hope that you will plan to join us and to contribute to the scientific success!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Regensburg,

Patrick Nuernberger and Bernhard Dick
Chairs of the Bunsen-Tagung 2021

Prof. Dr. Patrick Nuernberger
University of Regensburg
Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Phone: +49(0) 941-943-4487
E-Mail: patrick.nuernberger@ur.de

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Dick
University of Regensburg
Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy
Phone: +49(0) 941-943-4474
E-Mail: bernhard.dick@ur.de