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29. August - 1. September 2021, Online-Event


Application of 2,3-Oxidative Aryl Rearrangemants for the Synthesis of Isoflavone Natural Products

G. Kwesiga, Potsdam/DE, B. Schmidt, Potsdam/DE

Lewis Acid Mediated Vinylcyclopropane-Cyclopentene Rearrangements

A. Rustler, Regensburg/DE, O. Reiser, Regensburg/DE

Synthesis of 1,2-Dihydropyridines, 2,3-Dihydro-1H-Azepines, 1,4-Cyclohexadienes, and 2H-Pyrans via Heck-Coupling triggered Ring-Opening of fused bicyclic Cyclopropanes

N. Wurzer, Regensburg/DE, U. Klimczak, Regensburg/DE, T. Babl, Regensburg/DE, S. Fischer, Regensburg/DE, R. A. Angnes, Campinas/BR, J. Rehbein, Regensburg/DE, O. Reiser, Regensburg/DE

Diels-Alder Reaction and Electrophilic Substitutions with Atypical Regioselectivity: Functionalization of Terminal Rings of Anthracene

L. Uhlstein, Regensburg/DE, V. N. Huynh, Ho Chi Minh City/VN, M. Leitner, Regensburg/DE, A. Bhattacharyya, Regensburg/DE, P. Kreitmeier, Regensburg/DE, P. Sakrausky, Regensburg/DE, O. Reiser, Regensburg/DE, J. Rehbein, Regensburg/DE

Direct C(sp3)-H α-amination of arylacetic acid synthons with readily available anilines using iron-catalyst

J. Kumar, Bhavnagar/IN

Hydrazine Driven Rearrangements of Nitro-substituted Benzisothiazoles via the Formation of Meisenheimer Complexes

Z. S. Lin, Vancouver/CA, X. Tong, Calgary/CA, B. Patrick, Vancouver/CA, P. Kennepohl, Calgary/CA, D. S. Grierson, Vancouver/CA

Modular Synthesis of Organoboron Helically Chiral Compounds

J. Full, Würzburg/DE, S. P. Panchal, Würzburg/DE, A. Nowak-Król, Würzburg/DE

Bidentate Lewis Acid Catalyzed IEDDA/PIRO Reaction as Synthetic Tool for Medium-Sized Carbocycles

J. Ruhl, Gießen/DE, H. A. Wegner, Gießen/DE

Communication of Biluminophores Upon Aggregation – Aroyl-S,N-ketene Acetals as Multifunctional Sensor Merocyanines

L. Biesen, Düsseldorf/DE, L. May, Düsseldorf/DE, N. Nirmalananthan-Budau, Berlin/DE, K. Hoffmann, Berlin/DE, U. Resch-Genger, Berlin/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE

A Unified Approach to Aldgamycin N and Mycinamicin IV

G. Späth, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, B. Herlé, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, L. Schreyer, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, A. Fürstner, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE

Coupling of Reformatsky Reagents with Aryl Chlorides Enabled by Ylide-Functionalized Phosphine Ligands

A.-K. Seitz, Bochum/DE, Z. Hu, Bochum/DE

N-substituted Arylallylidene Indolone Diastereomers – Synthesis, Solid-State Emitters and Photoisomerization

F. Wilbert, Düsseldorf/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE

Confinement Effects For Efficient Macrocyclization Reactions With Supported Cationic Molybdenum Imido Alkylidene N-Heterocyclic Cabene Complexes

F. Ziegler, Stuttgart/DE, M. Benedikter, Stuttgart/DE, M. R. Buchmeiser, Stuttgart/DE

Radical Cations and Dications of Bis[1]benzothieno[1,4]thiazine Isomers

S. T. Hauer, Düsseldorf/DE, A. P. W. Schneeweis, Düsseldorf/DE, S. D. Waniek, Mainz/DE, L. P. Sorge, Mainz/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE, K. Heinze, Mainz/DE

Rh-Catalyzed Annelation of Benzoic Acids with α,β-Unsaturated Ketones with Cleavage of C–H, CO–OH, and C–C Bond

F. Belitz, Bochum/DE, G. Zhang, Bochum/DE, Z. Hu, Bochum/DE, L. J. Gooßen, Bochum/DE

Synthesis and Investigation of a Tetra-Substituted [10]Cycloparaphenylene

J. Volkmann, Giessen/DE, H. A. Wegner, Giessen/DE

Synthesis and Characterisation of Conformationally Twisted Fluorophores with Blue Emission as Potential TADF Emitters

J. Wiefermann, Düsseldorf/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE

Synthesis of Nature-Inspired Bisindole Antibiotics via Masuda Borylation-Suzuki Coupling Sequence

M. Kruppa, Düsseldorf/DE, T. R. Wassenberg, Düsseldorf/DE, E. T. Adeniyi, Düsseldorf/DE, S. Chen, Beijing/CN, K. Zhu, Beijing/CN, R. Kalscheuer, Düsseldorf/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE

Fluorescent Indolo[3,2-a]phenazines against Toxoplasma gondii: Concise Synthesis by Gold-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization with 1,2-Silyl Migration and ipso-Iodination Suzuki Sequence

L. K. E. Hinz, Düsseldorf/DE, F. K. Merkt, Düsseldorf/DE, F. Mazzone, Düsseldorf/DE, S. S. Sazzadeh, Düsseldorf/DE, L. Bonda, Düsseldorf/DE, I. Gruber, Düsseldorf/DE, K. Buchholz, Düsseldorf/DE, C. Janiak, Düsseldorf/DE, K. Pfeffer, Düsseldorf/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE

Synthesis of Rom-Analogues for Biological Studies

M. Ullrich, Tübingen/DE, M. E. Maier, Tübingen/DE

Strategic Building Block Selection in the Synthesis of [10]Cycloparaphenylene

F. Bernt, Heuchelheim/DE, H. A. Wegner, Giessen/DE

Combining Multiple Azobenzene Switches for New Smart Information and Energy Storage Materials

A. Kunz, Giessen/DE, H. A. Wegner, Giessen/DE

Sustainable one-pot synthesis of functional dyes based on 5‑hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)

A. Vißers, Düsseldorf/DE, T. J. J. Müller, Düsseldorf/DE

Total Synthesis of Limaol

S. N. Hess, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, X. Mo, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, C. Wirtz, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, A. Fürstner, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE

Light-Driven gem-Hydrogenation: An Orthogonal Entry into "Second-Generation" Ruthenium Carbene Catalysts for Olefin Metathesis

R. J. Zachmann, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, A. Fürstner, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE

Total Synthesis via Biomimetic Late-stage Heterocyclization, Assignment of the Relative Configuration and Biological Evaluation of the Nitraria Alkaloid (±)-Nitrabirine

M. Dongock Kagho, Braunschweig/DE, P. Klahn, Braunschweig/DE

A Novel Asymmetric Multicomponent IEDDA Reaction

S. Beeck, Gießen/DE, H. A. Wegner, Gießen/DE

Incorporation of Compartmentalization and (proto-)Metabolism in a System of Synthetic Replicators

P. R. Adamski, Groningen/NL, A. Kiani, Groningen/NL, W. Lipinski, Nijmegen/NL, K. van Esterik, Groningen/NL, J. Ottele, Groningen/NL, E. Spruijt, Nijmegen/NL, S. Otto, Groningen/NL

Catalysis towards the ring-opening polymerization of lactide: Bimetallic Magnesium and Zinc complexes bearing bis-ketoiminate ligands

E. Glöckler, Essen/DE, S. Schulz, Essen/DE

Novel Pd(I) Catalysts for Cross-Coupling Reactions and Isomerization

N. Pirkl, Bochum/DE, N. Sivendran , Bochum /DE, A. Del Grosso , Bochum /DE, A. Doppiu , Hanau /DE, L. Gooßen , Bochum /DE

A New Photocatalytic Access to Bullatenones via Oxidation of Bromofurans using Iridium or Acridinium Catalysts

F. Ratsch, Espoo/FI, J. Naapuri, Espoo/FI, J. Deska, Espoo/FI

Synthesis of γ-Oxo-α-amino Acids via Radical Acylation with Carboxylic Acids

K. Anwar, Wuppertal/DE, K. Merkens, Wuppertal/DE, F. J. A. Troyano, Wuppertal/DE, A. Gómez-Suárez, Wuppertal/DE

Triazole groups as biomimetic amide groups in peptides can trigger racemization

T. Hättasch, Bochum/DE, J. Niemeyer, Bochum/DE

Engineering TrpB for C-N bond forming reactions

J. Villalona, Madison/US, P. Higgins , Madison/US, A. Buller, Madison/US

Enantioselective Nickel-Catalyzed Hydrocyanation Employing TADDOL-derived Phosphine-Phosphite Ligands

J. P. Strache, Cologne/DE, A. Falk, Cologne/DE, H.-G. Schmalz, Cologne/DE

Flow-Assisted Synthesis of CPP Building Blocks

J. H. Griwatz, Giessen/DE, H. A. Wegner, Giessen/DE

Switchable phototherapeutics based on pH-responsive [2]rotaxanes

J. Riebe, Essen/DE, J. Niemeyer, Essen/DE

Deoxygenative Tri- and Difluoromethylthiolation of Carboxylic Acids with Benzothiazolium Reagents

L. M. Maas, Berlin/DE, M. Tironi, Berlin/DE, M. N. Hopkinson, Berlin/DE

Non-innocent electrophiles unlock exogenous base-free coupling reactions

G. Toupalas, Zürich/CH, B. Morandi, Zurich/CH

Supramolecular Entrapment of Disease-Associated Posttranslational Modifications (PTMs) by Modified Molecular Clips

M.-H. Le, Essen/DE, T. Schrader, Essen/DE

Dimethylaminophenyl-substituted berberine derivatives for the selective, pH dependent fluorimetric and colorimetric detection of quadruplex DNA

P. Wickhorst, Siegen/DE, H. Ihmels, Siegen/DE

Straightforward access to polycyclic scaffolds through intramolecular deoxygenative Minisci-type reactions

F. J. Aguilar Troyano, Wuppertal/DE, K. Anwar, Wuppertal/DE, A. Gómez-Suárez, Wuppertal/DE

Deoxygenative Nucleophilic Difluoromethylselenylation of Carboxylic Acids and Alcohols with BT-SeCF2H

M. Tironi, Berlin/DE, S. Dix, Berlin/DE, M. N. Hopkinson, Berlin/DE

Synthesis and Investigation of tert-Butyl Ester Substituted Cycloparaphenylenes

D. Kohrs, Giessen/DE, H. A. Wegner, Giessen/DE

Light-mediated organocatalysis with N-heterocyclic carbenes

A. Mavroskoufis, Berlin/DE, M. N. Hopkinson, Berlin/DE

Pressure-induced acidity switch opens up a salt-free access to C4 base chemicals from CO2 and acetylene

T. van Lingen, Bochum/DE, M. Dyga, Bochum/DE, M. Surke, Bochum/DE, L. J. Gooßen, Bochum/DE

Synthesis of new dopamine D3 receptor ligands potentially useful in the treatment of neurological disorders

L. Montevidoni, Camerino/IT, F. Frizzo, Camerino/IT, P. Pavletić, Camerino/IT, F. Del Bello, Camerino/IT, W. Quaglia, Camerino/IT

Catalyst-Controlled Stereoselective Synthesis of Atropoisomeric Acridinium Fluorophores

X. Wu, Basel/CH, C. Sparr, Basel/CH

Confined Spaces in [n]Cyclo-2,7-pyrenylenes

N. Grabicki, Berlin/DE, K. T. D. Nguyen, Berlin/DE, S. Weidner, Berlin/DE, O. Dumele, Berlin/DE

Dinuclear PdI Catalysts in Equilibrium Isomerizations: Mechanistic Understanding and Catalyst Development

N. Sivendran, Bochum/DE, N. Pirkl, Bochum/DE, L. J. Gooßen, Bochum/DE

Chiral phosphoric acid based supramolecular ligands for proteins

F. R. Struth, Essen/DE, A. Höing, Essen/DE, J. Niemeyer, Essen/DE

Observation of Distinct Valence Tautomers in Crystalline Cyclopentadienyl Radicals

Y. Schulte, Essen/DE, S. Schulz, Essen/DE

Synthesis of cyclic β- and γ-amino acids and their application as constituents of NPY analogues

E. Plut, Regensburg/DE, S. Kerres, Regensburg/DE, T. Ertl, Regensburg/DE, O. Reiser, Regensburg/DE

Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Thioesters and Organomanganese Reagents

V. Geiger, Tübingen/DE, I. Fleischer, Tübingen/DE

Nickel Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Aryl chlorides and Thiols

R. Oechsner, Tübingen/DE, I. Fleischer, Tübingen/DE

Immobilised enzymes and their cofactor regeneration: Application under continuous flow conditions in organic synthesis

B. Baumer, Jülich/DE, T. Classen, Jülich/DE, M. Pohl, Jülich/DE, J. Pietruszka, Jülich/DE

A Pyridone-SubPc-Dyad as a Singlet Oxygen Storage System: Self-sensitized EPO formation and thermal release of 1O2

L. Vogt, Kassel/DE, A. Petersen, Kassel/DE, R. Faust, Kassel/DE

Gram scale Asymmetric Synthesis of Fluorinated Amino Acids using a Chiral Ni(II) Complex

T. Hohmann, Berlin/DE, M. Dyrks, Berlin/DE, S. Chowdhary, Berlin/DE, D. Nguyen, Berlin/DE, J. Moschner, Berlin/DE, B. Koksch, Berlin/DE

Silica Supported Heteropolyacid Catalysts for the Hydrolytic Hydrogenation of Hemicellulose to Xylitol

L. Hombach, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, A. K. Beine, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE

Synthesis of enantiomerically pure γ-oxo-δ-amino acids via visible-light mediated HAT catalysis

K. Merkens, Wuppertal/DE, A. Gómez-Suárez, Wuppertal/DE

Efficient heterogeneous palladium nanocatalyst for Suzuki and Heck coupling reactions

S. Sheikh, Birjand/IR, M. A. Nasseri, Brijand/IR, M. Chahkandi, Sabzevar/IR, A. Allahresani, Brijand/IR, A. Rustler, Regensburg/DE, O. Reiser, Regensburg/DE

Self-Promoted Glycosylation for the Synthesis of N-Glycosyl Sulfonyl Amides

P. Mała, Poznań/PL, H. Koroniak, Poznań/PL, C. M. Pedersen, Copenhagen/DK

Reactivity Prediction using a Novel Application of Game Theory to Machine Learning

A. A. Gayle, Sapporo/JP

Olefin Metathesis Under Confined Conditions

M. R. Buchmeiser, Stuttgart/DE, F. Ziegler, Stuttgart/DE, M. J. Benedikter, Stuttgart/DE, J. V. Musso, Stuttgart/DE

Bimetallic Ti-O-Ti Complexes: Visible Light-Activated, Homogeneous Alternatives to TiO2 Photosensitisers

K. Behm, Edinburgh/GB, R. McIntosh, Edinburgh/GB

High temperature α-spectroscopy with 4H-SiC based detectors for superheavy elements

G. Tiebel, Villigen PSI/CH, J. Wilson, Villigen PSI/CH, R. Dressler, Villigen PSI/CH, R. Eichler, Villigen PSI/CH, P. Steinegger, Villigen PSI/CH

Palladium-Oxo Clusters: From Discrete Anions, Neutral Molecules or Cations to Metal-Organic Frameworks and their Use in Catalysis

S. Bhattacharya, Bremen/DE, U. Kortz, Bremen/DE

Gas chromatographic investigation of short-lived thallium isotopes produced in the 141 Pr( 48 Ti, xn) reaction

J. Wilson, Villigen-PSI/CH, P. Steinegger, Villigen-PSI/CH, R. Eichler, Villigen-PSI/CH

Extending th row: The elusive [C(SO3)4]4- anion

A. Mertens, Köln/DE, K. Eppers, Köln/DE, M. S. Wickleder, Köln/DE

Reactivity of ‚Frustrated‘ Alkyllithium Aggregates

J. Kleinheider, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Towards Heteroleptic Dicoordinate Cu(II) Complexes

M. Kaiser, Karlsruhe/DE, A. Hinz, Karlsruhe/DE

Well-Defined Heavy Alkalimetal-Benzyl Reagents

L. Brieger, Dortmund/DE, C. Unkelbach, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Phosphonio-phosphanides [LCP-PR3]+ as versatile [LC-P]+ transfer reagents (LC = NHC)

P. Royla, Dresden/DE, K. Schwedtmann, Dresden/DE, J. Fidelius, Dresden/DE, Z. Han, Vancouver/CA, D. P. Gates, Vancouver/CA, J. J. Weigand, Dresden/DE

Staring at the Sun! The (Photo)Chemistry of Cu(I) 4H-Imidazolate Complexes for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage

M. Schulz, Jena/DE

Implementation of a carrier-free radionuclide source of fission products from 235U at the SINQ gas-jet facility

P. Dutheil, Villigen PSI/CH, G. Tiebel, Villigen PSI/CH, J. Wilson, Villigen PSI/CH, R. Dressler, Villigen PSI/CH, R. Eichler, Villigen PSI/CH, D. Herrmann, Villigen PSI/CH, P. Steinegger, Villigen PSI/CH

Stabilisation, Tautomerism, and Deprotonation of Small Carbon Anoins Inside a Sodium Alkoxide Matrix

J. Klett, Mainz/DE, S. Streit, Mainz/DE, T. Trautwein, Mainz/DE, E. Cebi, Mainz/DE

Selective Synthesis and Transformation of Si–N-functionalized Silanes

J.-L. Kirchhoff, Dortmund/DE, M. Achternbosch, Dortmund/DE, L. Zibula, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Speciation of copper(II)-betaine complexes from ionic liquids as starting point for electrochemical copper deposition

J. Richter, Dresden/DE, M. Ruck, Dresden/DE, M. Knies, Dresden/DE

Defect-mediated ZnO Nanostructures Assembled in Ionic Liquids for Enhanced Visible Light Photoactivity

R. Hailili, Peking/CN

Microwave Technology as Key for the Synthesis of new (Aminomethyl)silanes

A. Voß, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Mechanocatalytic synthesis of ammonia from its elements: From batch to a continuous process

S. Reichle, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, M. Felderhoff, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, F. Schüth, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE

Polymerization of cyclic olefins by precatalyst cobalt(II) complexes containing N'-substituted N,N-bis(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methyl)amine derivatives

H. Lee, Daegu/KR

The Impact of the NO2 Functional Group on Coordination, Isomerisation, and Backbone Substitution of Aminotroponiminates (ATIs)

D. Rottschäfer, Würzburg/DE, A. Hanft, Würzburg/DE, N. Wieprecht, Würzburg/DE, F. Geist, Würzburg/DE, C. Lichtenberg, Würzburg/DE

A Novel Yttrium-based Metal-Organic Framework for Efficient Solvent-Free Cyanosilylation of Carbonyl Compounds with Trimethylsilyl Cyanide

E. Echenique-Errandonea, Donostia- San Sebastián/ES, J. M. Pérez, Almería/ES, S. Rojas, Granada/ES, J. Cepeda, Donostia- San Sebastián/ES, J. M. Seco, Donostia- San Sebastián/ES, I. Fernández, Almería/ES, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez, Granada/ES

Synthesis of Chiral Organoboron PAHs for Application in Organic Electronics

F. Full, Würzburg/DE, A. Nowak-Król, Würzburg/DE

Synthesis and Investigation of Optical Properties and Reactivity of Azaborole π-Conjugated Compounds with Angularly Fused Rings

P. Geppert, Würzburg/DE, D. Volland, Würzburg/DE, A. Nowak-Król, Würzburg/DE

Insertion of CS2 into a Phosphorus-Arsenic Single Bond and Investigations on Phosphane Arsanyldithiocarboxylates

L. S. Szych, Rostock/DE, J. Bresien, Rostock/DE, A. Schulz, Rostock/DE, A. Villinger, Rostock/DE, R. Wustrack, Rostock/DE

Binary Interpnictogen Compounds Containing Diaryl Bismuth Fragments

T. Dunaj, Marburg/DE, C. von Hänisch, Marburg/DE

Bismuth(III) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in Radical Catalysis

J. Ramler, Würzburg/DE, C. Lichtenberg, Würzburg/DE, I. Krummenacher, Würzburg/DE

Methandiide-based Carbene Complexes: Reactivity in Cooperative Bond Activation Reactions and Catalytic Applications

M. Schmidt, Bochum/DE, K.-S. Feichtner, Bochum/DE, V. Däschlein-Gessner, Bochum/DE

Ground- and Excited State Properties of Iron(II) Complexes Linked to Organic Chromophores

P. Dierks, Paderborn/DE, M. Bauer, Paderborn/DE

Activation of Functional Groups using Iron Half-Sandwich Complexes

M. Korb, Perth/AU

From the Synthesis and Reactivity of Group 13 substituted Silylenes to a room temperature stable Silicon Carbonyle Complex

J. Schoening, Essen/DE, S. Schulz, Essen/DE

Disilanes with Pentacoordinate Si Atoms by Carbon Dioxide Insertion into Aminodisilanes

C. Ryll, Freiberg/DE, J. Wagler, Freiberg/DE, E. Kroke, Freiberg/DE

Synthesis and Investigations of a Si-chiral Aminosilanol

F. Langenohl, Dortmund/DE, J. Rösler, Dortmund/DE, J. Kirchhoff, Dortmund/DE, S. Zühlke, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

New Cyclic N-Derivatives of Sulfates

T. Rennebaum, Köln/DE, M. S. Wickleder, Köln/DE

Synthesis of Azaborathia[9]helicenes

D. Volland, Würzburg/DE, J. Niedens, Würzburg/DE, A. Nowak-Król, Würzburg/DE

Introducing Aluminum into the world of binary Zintl Anions

N. Spang, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Reactivity of a Ternary Zintl Phase towards Transition Metal Carbonyls: Connecting Synthesis and Quantum Chemistry for Zintl Clusters

K. Beuthert, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Synthesis and Reactivity of heavier Gallapnictenes and Pnictinidenes – An Access to Group 15 Radicals, Anions and Cations

J. Krüger, Essen/DE, S. Schulz, Essen /DE

Quaternary Admantane-based Organo-Group 14 Chalcogenide Clusters and Opto-Electronic Properties (WLG)

I. Rojas León, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE, N. W. Rosemann, Karlsruhe/DE

A new silver complex and its interactions with model biomolecules

M. Szymańska, Poznań/PL, I. Pospieszna-Markiewicz, Poznań/PL, M. Mańka, Poznań/PL, M. Insińska-Rak, Poznań/PL, G. Dutkiewicz, Poznań/PL, M. A. Fik-Jaskółka, Poznań/PL, V. Patroniak, Poznań/PL

Reactive Solubilization of Heterometallic Clusters by Treatment of (TrBi3)2– Anions (Tr = Ga, In, Tl) with [Mn{N(SiMe3)2}2] and [Zn{N(SiMe3)2}2]

R. Rienmüller, Marburg/DE, J. Klippstein, Marburg/DE, G. Werncke, Marburg/DE, A. Schmidt, Marburg/DE, F. Weigend, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Access to a Direct α-Lithiation of Silanes

T. Schrimpf, Dortmund/DE, J. Kleinheider, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Developing new [NiFe] Hydrogenase Model Complexes

G. Lococciolo, Göttingen/DE, S. Dechert, Göttingen/DE, S. Demeshko, Göttingen/DE, S. Gupta, Göttingen/DE, F. Meyer, Göttingen/DE

Filling the gap in the metallacrown family: The 9‑MC‑3 chromium metallacrown

A. Lüpke, Mainz/DE, L. Carella, Mainz/DE, E. Rentschler, Mainz/DE

Mechanism of Bi-Ni phase formation in a microwave-assisted polyol process

M. Smuda, Dresden/DE, C. Damm, Dresden/DE, T. Doert, Dresden/DE, M. Ruck, Dresden/DE

Studies on the metalation of 2-aminoaryl-1,3-selenazoles

J. Kuchar, Wuppertal/DE, F. Mohr, Wuppertal/DE

Mapping allergy-associated compounds on everyday items by mass spectrometry imaging

A. Rezaei, Giessen/DE, S. Heiles, Giessen/DE, D. Bhandari, Giessen/DE, S. Schindler, Giessen/DE, B. Spengler, Giessen/DE

Reactivity increase of organolithium reagents using amines as ligands

R. Scheel, Dortmund/DE, L. Knauer, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Interplay of ligand and temperature: deprotonation of aromatic compounds with organolithium reagents

J. F. Wappelhorst, Dortmund/DE, R. Scheel, Dortmund/DE, L. Knauer, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Transformation and Crystallization of Stereogenic Silicon Centers

F. D. Klotz, Dortmund/DE, A. Krupp, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Gating the photoactivity of the azobenzene-type ligands trapped within a dynamic system of M4L6 tetrahedral cage, an M2L2 metallocycle and mononuclear MLn complexes

P. Cecot, Poznan/PL, A. Walczak, Poznan/PL, G. Markiewicz, Poznan/PL, A. Stefankiewicz, Poznan/PL

Zeolite-Related Chalcogenido Metalate as a Small Molecule Cleaver

G. Stuhrmann, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

A new generation of adamantane-like organo tin chalcogenide clusters

J. Christmann, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Synthesis of New Multidentate Silyl Thioethers and Their Complexation of Transition Metal Halides

P. E. Schneider, Dortmund/DE, J. Wattenberg, Dortmund/DE, M. Knorr, Besançon/FR, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

From Structure to Reactivity: Lithiated 2-((Trimethylsilyl)methyl)pyridine

A. Schmidt, Dortmund/DE, R. Seymen, Dortmund/DE, D. Pietschmann, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Diruthenium Water Oxidation Catalysts Immobilized On Carbon Nanotubes, Effects of the Number and Positioning of the Pyrene Anchoring Groups

S. Rajabi, Göttingen/DE, F. Ebrahimi, Göttingen/DE, C. Jooss, Göttingen/DE, F. Meyer, Göttingen/DE, G. Lole, Göttingen/DE

Group 13 Metal-substituted Dipnictenes - A Cyclic Voltammetry Study

H. M. Weinert, Bochum/DE, S. Schulz, Essen/DE

Unusual Side-on Coordination of a C/C Double Bond at Copper(I) Iodid in Absence of Strong Donating Substituents

J. Wattenberg, Dortmund/DE, P. E. Braun Streb, Dortmund/DE, M. Knorr, Besançon/FR, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

[Pr(O2C2F3)3(HO2C2F3)2] and [Pr(O2C2F3)3(HO2C2F3)(H2O)] – Crystal Structures of Two New Praseodymium Trifluoroacetates

N. T. Flosbach, Köln/DE, M. Wickleder, Köln/DE

Benchmarking dihedral angles in Co(II) single-molecule magnets and their effect on magnetic relaxation dynamics

S. Gupta, Göttingen/DE, S. Demeshko, Göttingen/DE, S. Dechert, Göttingen/DE, F. Meyer, Göttingen/DE

Ethinylestradiol-Gold-NHC-Complexes and their Biological Activity

N. Gawlik, Wuppertal/DE, F. Mohr, Wuppertal/DE

4-Phosphoryl pyrazolones for highly selective lithium separation from alkali metal ions

J. Zhang, Dresden/DE, M. Wenzel, Dresden/DE, J. Steup, Dresden/DE, G. Schaper, Dresden/DE, F. Hennersdorf, Dresden/DE, H. Du, Beijing/CN, S. Zheng, Beijing/CN, L. Lindoy, Sydney/AU, J. Weigand, Dresden/DE

Synthesis and characterization of new low-valent group 14 and group 15 NHC-stabilized phosphinidenide and arsinidenide complexes

H. Gottschling, Marburg/DE, C. von Hänisch, Marburg/DE

From Ylide Phosphine Tautomers to Carbanionic Phosphines

J.-A. Zur, Bochum/DE, V. H. Gessner, Bochum/DE

Structural Expansion of Germanium-Selenium Supertetrahedral Clusters and Discretization Properties

Z. Wu, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Synthesis and Isolation of 17-atomic Endohedral Germanides [TM2@Ge17]n- (TM = Co, Ni) Comprising Filled Trivacant Icosahedral Building Fragments

C. Wallach, München/DE, Y. Selic, München/DE, B. Witzel, München/DE, W. Klein, München/DE, T. Fässler, München/DE

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new Copper (II) complexes functionalized with the antineoplastic drug lonidamine

F. Frizzo, Camerino/IT, L. Montevidoni, Camerino/IT, P. Pavletić, Camerino/IT, F. Del Bello, Camerino/IT, W. Quaglia, Camerino/IT

Reactivity of the Bicyclic Amido-Substituted Silicon(I) Ring Compound Si4{N(SiMe3)Mes}4 with enhanced zwitterionic character

M. Quest, Münster/DE, K. Schwedtmann, Münster/DE, A. Hepp, Münster/DE, F. Lips, Münster/DE

Band Gap Fine-Tuning of Chalcogenido Metalates via Incorporation of Transition Metal Atoms

B. Peters, Marburg/DE, J. Kosolapova, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Luminescence properties of Homoleptic Frameworks of the Lanthanides together with Pyridylpyrazolate Anion

H. Youssef, Giessen/DE, A. E. Sedykh, Giessen/DE, J. Becker, Giessen/DE, T. Schäfer, Giessen/DE, K. Müller-Buschbaum, Giessen/DE

Halogens in positive oxidation states: From fluorido to OC4F9 ligands

P. Pröhm, Berlin/DE, J. R. Schmid, Berlin/DE, W. Berg, Berlin/DE, S. Riedel, Berlin/DE

Influence of Synthesis Conditions on the Microstructure and the thermoelectric Properties of Mg2Si1-xSnX

L. Bemfert, Giessen/DE, K. Müller-Buschbaum, Giessen/DE, W. E. Müller, Giessen/DE

Experimental and Mechanistical Studies on the Carbolithiation of (Aminomethyl)vinylsilanes

C. Schwab, Dortmund/DE, A. Voss, Dortmund/DE, C. Strohmann, Dortmund/DE

Structural Proof of a [C-F-C]+ Fluoronium Cation

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Cluster Chemistry of Tetrahedra Zintl Anions

F. Pan, Marburg/DE, S. Wei, Marburg/DE, L. Guggolz, Marburg/DE, F. Weigend, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

MOF-74 as Lithium-Ion Conductor

R. Maile, Giessen/DE, K. Müller-Buschbaum, Giessen/DE

Bismuth Amides Mediate Selectice Pn–Pn Radical Coupling (Pn = N, P, As)

K. Oberdorf, Würzburg/DE, A. Hanft, Würzburg/DE, J. Ramler, Würzburg/DE, I. Krummenacher, Würzburg/DE, F. M. Bickelhaupt, Amsterdam/NL, J. Poater, Barcelona/ES, C. Lichtenberg, Würzburg/DE

Tenfold Metalation and Functionalization of Ferrocene, Ruthenocene and Osmocene

S. Rupf, Berlin/DE, R. Sievers, Berlin/DE, G. Schröder, Berlin/DE, M. Malischewski, Berlin/DE

Novel sol-gel precursors for amid-imid siloxane hybrid materials

F. Gellrich, Freiberg/DE, K. Kraushaar, Freiberg/DE, S. Pfeifer, Köln/DE, E. Kroke, Freiberg/DE

Insights into Formation and Relationship of Multimetallic Clusters: On the Way toward Bi-Rich Nanostructures

S. Wei, Marburg/DE, F. Pan, Marburg/DE, L. Guggolz, Marburg/DE, A. R. Eulenstein, Marburg/DE, F. Tambornino, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

An innovative, two-component sol-gel system for ecologically friendly bio-coating of wood

K. Kraushaar, Freiberg/DE, F. Gellrich, Freiberg/DE, E. Kroke, Freiberg/DE

Using Intercluster Ligand Exchange Reactions to Produce Mixed-Ligand Adamantane-Like Materials for White-Light Generation Applications

C. Hosier, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

The first beryllium borosulfate – facial synthesis and characterization of Be[B2(SO4)4]

S. Sutorius, Köln/DE, J. Bruns, Köln/DE

Organotetrelchalcogenide Clusters as Molecular Long-Term Data Storage Devices

S. Nier, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Paving Way to a Series of [(CuPPh3)6(PhTE3)2] Clusters (T = Si, Sn; E = S, Se) – And More

L. Guggolz, Marburg/DE, N. Rinn, Marburg/DE, H. Y. Hou, Marburg/DE, S. Dehnen, Marburg/DE

Metal organic frameworks from school

D. Dörnfeld, Güby/DE, M. Kock, Güby/DE, A. Foshag, Güby/DE, M. Benkenstein, Güby/DE, A. Stenner, Güby/DE, S. Waitschat, Gübe/DE

Efficient Pd-Catalyzed Direct Coupling of Aryl Chlorides with Organometallic Reagents

A. Großjohann, Bochum/DE, V. H. Däschlein-Gessner, Bochum/DE

Trichloride Salts as Efficient Chlorine Storage Media and Reagents for Phosgene Synthesis

P. Voßnacker, Berlin/DE, A. Wüst, Berlin/DE, T. Keilhack, Berlin/DE, N. Schwarze, Berlin/DE, S. Riedel, Berlin/DE

Single-Source Precursors for Controlled Gas Phase Deposition of Iridium-based Catalytic Coatings for Water Splitting Applications

M. Frank, Köln/DE, L. Jürgensen, Köln/DE, M. Wilhelm, Köln/DE, S. Mathur, Köln/DE

Development of Copper and Silver Chalcogenide Glasses for Application in Ion Sensitive Elektrodes

E. Billan, Dresden/DE, J. Feller, Dresden/DE, C. Feller, Dresden/DE

Phase Relations, Thermal and Electrochemical Characterization of Compounds in the Quasi-ternary System Ag2O-Sc2O3-V2O5

K.-G. Schroth, Dresden/DE, J. Feller, Dresden/DE

Luminescence thermometry with lanthanoid ions: From applications to fundamental structure-property relationships 

M. Suta, Düsseldorf/DE, A. Meijerink, Utrecht/NL

Examination of metal-organic frameworks for optical applications

M. Treger, Hannover/DE, P. Behrens, Hannover/DE, A. M. Schneider, Hannover/DE

Nanokomposite aus Kohlefasern und Kohlenstoffnitrid durch chemische Dampfphasenabscheidung – Einfluss offener und geschlossener Porositaet auf Gasdynamik und Natriumspeicherung

K. Schutjajew, Potsdam/DE, P. Giusto, Potsdam/DE, E. Härk, Berlin/DE, M. Antonietti, Potsdam/DE, M. Oschatz, Potsdam/DE

Bulk and surface structural features of W-Nb-O oxide bronze catalysts with tailored Brönsted-Lewis acid properties

D. Delgado, Berlin/DE, A. Trunschke, Berlin/DE, P. Concepción, Valencia/ES, J. M. López Nieto, Valencia/ES

Ionic Liquid based 3D printable Ionogels for Applications as Electrolytes

A. Lange, Potsdam/DE, K. Zehbe, Potsdam/DE, K. Elamin, Gothenburg/SE, A. Taubert, Taubert/DE

Square Arrays of Magnetic Nanoparticles

S. Disch, Köln/DE, F. A. F. Mees, Köln/DE, D. Dresen, Köln/DE

Effects of pyrolysis on the magnetic structure and dipolar interactions in iron oxide mesocrystals

L. Rochels, Köln/DE, B. Rasche, Köln/DE, S. Disch, Köln/DE

Robust Underwater Oil-repellent Ceramic Surfaces: the Balance between Low Adhesion and Directional Transportation

M. Li, London/GB, E. Saiz, London/GB

Surface oxidation in solutions as an easy way towards Cu2Ch / CuI (Ch = S, Se) composites as thermoelectric materials

L. Staab, Leipzig/DE, J. Balzer, Leipzig/DE, C. Zocher, Leipzig/DE, O. Oeckler, Leipzig/DE

Incommensurate modulated crystal structure of an antimony selenide in the sulfosalt-like structure type of a lillianite homologue N1 = N2 = 4

M. Grauer, Leipzig/DE, L. Staab, Leipzig/DE, K. Ueltzen, Leipzig/DE, O. Oeckler, Leipzig/DE

Evolving microstructure in LAST materials and the consequences

P. Kemmesies, Leipzig/DE, O. Oeckler, Leipzig/DE

Dynamer and Metallodynamer Interconversion: An Alternative View to Metal Ion Complexation

A. Brzechwa-Chodzyńska, Poznań/PL, M. Zieliński, Poznań/PL, M. Gilski, Poznań/PL, J. M. Harrowfield, Strasbourg/FR, A. R. Stefankiewicz, Poznań/PL

Ln/O/F/Se – A combination of just four elements, but a huge diversity of compounds and crystal structures

C. Buyer, Stuttgart/DE, T. Schleid, Stuttgart/DE

The telluridogallates REGaTe2 and telluridoindates REInTe2 (RE = La – Nd)

T. Lindemann, Leipzig/DE, O. Oeckler, Leipzig/DE, A. Isaeva, Amsterdam/NL

Two solvent-induced porphyrin-based hydrogen-bonded organic frameworks

H. Park, Seoul/KR, W. Jang, Seoul/KR

Hydroflux Route to New Technetium and Rhenium Oxides

D. Badea, Cologne/DE, J. Bruns, Cologne/DE, E. Strub, Cologne/DE

One-Step Synthese für stabilisierte PCM-Komposite

F. Leven, Bochum/DE

Polyelectrolytes inhibits virus infection via electrostatic interactions

C. Nie, Berlin/DE, P. Pouyan , Berlin/DE, D. Lauster, Berlin/DE, G. P. Szekeres, Berlin/DE, A. K. Sahoo, Berlin/DE, K. Pagel, Berlin/DE, R. Netz, Berlin/DE, S. Block, Berlin/DE, M. Ballauff, Berlin/DE, R. Haag, Berlin/DE

Synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic model conetworks (APCNs) using bifunctional coupling agents

C. Bunk, Dresden/DE, L. Löser, Halle/DE, L. Jakisch, Dresden/DE, H. Komber, Dresden/DE, F. Böhme, Dresden/DE

A more Sustainable Synthesis Approach for Cellulose Acetate using the DBU/CO2 Switchable Solvent System

J. Wolfs, Karlsruhe/DE, M. Meier, Karlsruhe/DE

Development of Dicyclopentadiene Based Chemicals for the Post-Covid 19 Era

L.-C. S. Huang, Chia-Yi/TW, W.-Y. Chen, Chia-Yi/TW, W.-C. Hsu, Chia-Yi/TW, C.-Y. Tsai, Chia-Yi/TW, S.-D. Li, Chia-Yi/TW, J.-F. Kao, Chia-Yi/TW, M.-Y. Huang, Chia-Yi/TW, J.-C. Lin, Chia-Yi/TW

Processing of fast-gelling hydrogel precursors in microfluidics by electrocoalescence of reactive species

T. A. Neuendorf, Dresden/DE, N. Hauck, Dresden/DE, M. J. Männel, Dresden/DE, L. Vogel, Pforzheim/DE, P. Liu, Dresden/DE, E. Stündel, Dresden/DE, Y. Zhang, Dresden/DE, J. Thiele, Dresden/DE

Rapid PVC Plasticizer Identification and Quantification by Compact NMR

A. Duchowny, Aachen/DE, A. Adams, Aachen/DE

Compartmentalization of multi-enzymatic reactions in microfluidic devices and integration of Polymersomes for additional reaction control

A. Koball, Dresden/DE, F. Obst, Dresden/DE, J. Gaitzsch, Dresden/DE, D. Appelhans, Dresden/DE, B. Voit, Dresden/DE

Cyanovinylene Based Covalent Organic Frameworks for Photocatalysis

V. Weigelt, Berlin/DE, P. Pachfule, Berlin/DE, A. Acharjya, Berlin/DE, A. Thomas, Berlin/DE

Guest-triggered morphology transition of self-assembled porphyrin tripods

H. Lee, Seoul/KR, W.-D. Jang, Seoul/KR

Oligothiophene conjugated multi-color emitting materials for electrofluorochromism

K.-I. Hong, Seoul/KR, S. Choi, Seoul/KR, H. S. Ahn, Seoul/KR, W.-D. Jang, Seoul/KR

Targeting bone regeneration and drug release using polysaccharide-based composites

M. Witzler, Rheinbach/DE, D. Büchner, Rheinbach/DE, M. Gericke, Jena/DE, T. Heinze, Jena/DE, E. Tobiasch, Rheinbach/DE, S. Witzleben, Rheinbach/DE, M. Schulze, Rheinbach/DE

Characterizing daytime passive cooling under laboratory conditions

T. Tran, Bayreuth/DE, Q. Song, Bayreuth/DE, M. Retsch, Bayreuth/DE

Antioxidant Activities of Lignins from Renewable Resources

J. Rumpf, Rheinbach/DE, R. Burger, Rheinbach/DE, X. T. Do, Rheinbach/DE, J. Kreyenschmidt, Bonn/DE, M. Schulze, Rheinbach/DE

Exploring the Chemistry of Novel Phosphorous Ylide and Yldiides in Main Group Chemistry and Transition Metal Chemistry

S. Lapointe, Bochum/DE, V. Däschlein-Gessner, Bochum/DE

Heavy Metals in Close Combat – Non-Covalent Interactions in peri-Substituted Naphthalenediyl Pnictogen Compounds

A. Gehlhaar, Essen/DE, S. Schulz, Essen/DE

Alkaline Metal Bis(amido)diazadiarsetidinides

C. Ritter, Marburg/DE, C. von Hänisch, Marburg/DE

Oxidative addition reactions of low valent (Dipp2NacNac)Ga with group 15 hydrides

S. Schneider, Marburg/DE, C. von Hänisch, Marburg/DE

Formation and metal-induced transformation reactions of the P4-butterfly salt [L2P4][Cl]2 (L=NHCDipp)

J. Frötschel-Rittmeyer, Dresden/DE, K. Schwedtmann, Dresden/DE, M. Holthausen, Dresden/DE, F. Hennersdorf, Dresden/DE, J. Steup, Dresden/DE, J. Fidelius, Dresden/DE, C. Ziegler, Regensburg/DE, R. Wolf, Regensburg/DE, J. J. Weigand, Dresden/DE

Preparation of onio-substituted di- and oligophosphanes and their metal-induced fragmentation reactions

J. Fidelius, Dresden/DE, C. Taube, Dresden/DE, K. Schwedtmann, Dresden/DE, F. Hennersdorf, Dresden/DE, R. Wolf, Regensburg/DE, J. J. Weigand, Dresden/DE

N-H oxidative addition of NH3 and small molecules with phospha-Wittig reagents

F. Dankert, Rostock/DE, J. E. Siewert, Rostock/DE, C. Hering-Junghans, Rostock/DE

Phosphine-catalysed reductive coupling of Dihalophophanes

J.-E. Siewert, Rostock/DE, A. Schumann, Rostock/DE, C. Hering-Junghans, Rostock/DE

IBM RoboRXN: Automating Chemical Synthesis Remotely with AI and Cloud

A. Castrogiovanni, Rüschlikon/CH, M. Manica, Rüschlikon/CH, A. C. Vaucher, Rüschlikon/CH, A. Cardinale, Rüschlikon/CH, A. Sobczyk, Rüschlikon/CH, T. Laino, Rüschlikon/CH

Machine learning-based image processing from the cell to the biosphere

T. Chen, Rockaway/US

Separation of lanthanum and cerium from spent FCC catalysts by in situ selective electrochemical oxidation and extraction

Y. Zhou, Dresden/DE, S. Schulz, Dresden/DE, L. F. Lindoy, Sydeney/AU, H. Du, Beijing/CN, S. Zheng, Beijing/CN, M. Wenzel, Dresden/DE, J. J. Weigand, Dresden/DE

Li-rich antiperovskite (Li2Fe)SeO cathode in Li-ion batteries

N. Gräßler, Dresden/DE, M. A. A. Mohamed, Dresden/DE, D. Djendur, Heidelberg/DE, L. Singer, Heidelberg/DE, H. Hahn, Heidelberg/DE, S. Hampel, Dresden/DE, R. Klingeler, Heidelberg/DE

Power-to-X Technologies and Energy Storage Systems for Balancing Supply and Demand of Renewable Energies

S. Schneider, Bochum/DE, T. Müller, Bochum/DE

Fullerene synthesis under low energy conditions

J. Dreschmann, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE, W. Schrader, Mülheim (Ruhr)/DE

Upscaling of catalyst development for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of higher alcohols

M. Medicus, Dresden/DE, F. Wolke, Dresden/DE, E. Reichelt, Dresden/DE, M. Jahn, Dresden/DE

Structural and physicochemical characterization of Ni-doped TiOnanomaterials for DSSC’s application

A. Bartkowiak, Poznań/PL, M. Zalas, Poznań/PL

Multi-Chromophore Ensembles with Subphthalocyanines as Energy Transfer Systems

D. Täubert, Kassel/DE, R. Faust, Kassel/DE

Mercaptan recombination on CoMo/γ-Al2O3 catalyst for selective hydrodesulfurization of FCC gasoline: effects of Co/Mo ratio

P. Yu, Zhumadian/CN, M. Ke, Beijing/CN

1,2-Azaborines for Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage

R. Einholz, Tübingen/DE, H. F. Bettinger, Tübingen/DE

Evolution of electrochemical desalination technologies

L. Wang, Saarbrücken/DE, Y. Zhang, Saarbrücken/DE, K. Moh, Saarbrücken/DE, V. Presser, Saarbrücken/DE

A Deterministic Formulation of Quantum Chemistry for the Simulation of Chemical Reactions

I. Frank, Hannover/DE

Chemical recycling of polyhydroxybutyrate and polylactic acid over supported Ru-catalysts

M. Lehnertz, Aachen/DE, J. B. Mensah, Utrecht/NL, R. Palkovits, Aachen/DE

Photoinduced degradation of five neonicotinoides

M. Voigt, Krefeld/DE, M. Jaeger, Krefeld/DE

An Immunosensor for Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Water Supply

A. Ecke, Berlin/DE, R. J. Schneider, Berlin/DE

Repurposing von Arzneimitteln als Nagetierbekämpfungsmittel – Eine Strategie zur Entwicklung umweltfreundlicherer Rodentizide

S. Wieck, Dessau-Roßlau/DE, J. Hohenberger, Lüneburg/DE, A. Friesen, Dessau-Roßlau/DE, K. Kümmerer, Lüneburg/DE

Removal of methylene blue and methyl orange using adsorbents based on spent coffee

I. Block, Potsdam/DE, C. Günter, Potsdam/DE, A. Duarte, Montpellier/FR, P. Hesemann, Montpellier/FR, A. Taubert, Potsdam/DE

Study of the Structure and Activity of UDP-glycosyltransferase Originating from Tetranychus urticae

S. Henry, Columbia/US

Sustainably on our path towards climate neutrality

M. Haider, Burghausen/DE, S. Zallinger, Burghausen/DE

Benchtop NMR and Multivariate Regression: A Tool for the Molecular Weight Analysis of Lignins

R. Burger, Rheinbach/DE, S. Lindner, Rheinbach/DE, J. Rumpf, Rheinbach/DE, X. T. Do, Rheinbach/DE, Y. B. Monakhova, Jülich/DE, M. Rehahn, Darmstadt/DE, M. Schulze, Rheinbach/DE

Novel Biophysical Model of the Serine Shuttle

A. Smirnov, Gambier/US, S. Hemkin, Gambier/US

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for determination of soil parameters: multivariate analysis and machine learning approaches to LIBS spectra processing

A. Erler, Potsdam/DE, T. Beitz, Potsdam/DE, H.-G. Löhmannsröben, Potsdam/DE, D. Riebe, Potsdam/DE

Compact High-Pressure Gas-Phase NMR Spectroscopy

A. Duchowny, Aachen/DE, B. Blümich, Aachen/DE, A. Adams, Aachen/DE

Deposit Analysis from Fuels and Biofuel-Mixtures using Benchtop NMR

A. Duchowny, Aachen/DE, K. Brendel, Herzogenrath/DE, B. Blümich, Aachen/DE, A. Adams, Aachen/DE

Empowering Graduate Researchers in Laboratory Safety Culture

J. A. Martin, Fitchburg/US