Poster list

Imaging Techniques for Chemical and Morphological Characterization of Biofilms

I. Beer, Garching/DE, S. Brunschweiger, Freising/DE, K. Glas, Freising/DE, M. Elsner, Garching/DE, N. P. Ivleva, Garching/DE

Studies of droplet desolvation process for discrete sample introduction using downward-pointing ICP-TOFMS

S. Fazzolari, Zurich/CH, G. Niu, Zurich/CH, D. Günther, Zurich/CH

Potential of a Direct and Reverse D- and 13C-Labelling Approach for the Analysis of Microbial Degradation of Microplastics

K. Müller, Garching/DE, J. Weng, Garching/DE, M. Elsner, Garching/DE, N.P. Ivleva, Garching/DE

2f zero-crossing locked Interferometric Cavity-Assisted Photothermal Spectroscopy for optical sensing of nitric oxide

D. Pinto, Wien/AT, J.P. Waclawek, Vienna/AT, S. Lindner, Vienna/AT, H. Moser, Vienna/AT, G. Ricchiuti, Vienna/AT, B. Lendl, Vienna/AT

A fast and simple PFAS extraction method for soil sample analysis using HR–CS–GFMAS

F. Simon, Berlin/DE, L. Gehrenkemper, Berlin/DE, B. Meermann, Berlin/DE

High-throughput Fatty Acid Profiling in Human Milk by Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy and Solvent-free Lipid Separation

C.K. Akhgar, Wien/AT, V. Nürnberger, Linz/AT, M. Nadvornik, Wien/AT, V. Ramos-Garcia, Valencia/ES, I. Ten-Doménech, Valencia/ES, J. Kuligowski, Valencia/ES, A. Schwaighofer, Wien/AT, E. Rosenberg, Wien/AT, B. Lendl, Wien/AT

Tomorrows Routine Monitoring? An automated chemical surface water monitoring station

J. Arndt, Koblenz/DE, J.S. Kirchner, Koblenz/DE, A.-L. Gerloff, Koblenz/DE, A. Zavarsky, Koblenz/DE, M.P. Schluesener, Koblenz/DE, A. Wick, Koblenz/DE, L. Duester, Koblenz/DE

Automated analysis of beer yeast using single cell inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry and a novel software tool

M. Elinkmann, Münster/DE, D. Ahlers, Münster/DE, P. Sullivan, Omaha/US, T. Herek, Omaha/US, C. Quarles Jr., Omaha/US, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Optimal sampling time point determination for the efficient usage of highly parallelized and automated bioreactor systems

J. Kager, Wien/AT, Sven Daume, Vienna/AT, Georg Scherfler, Vienna/AT, Christoph Herwig, Vienna/AT

Fully Automated Fluorine Analysis Using Combustion and Ion Sensitive Electrode

S. Kröger, Ludwigshafen/DE, M. Wende, Ludwigshafen am Rhein/DE

Quantum Cascade Laser Sensor for Sulfur Species Detection in Petrochemical Process Streams

H. Moser, Wien/AT, J.P. Waclawek, Vienna/AT, B. Lendl, Vienna/AT

Suitability of Passive Sampling for Compound-Specific Isotope Analysis of Micropollutants in Aquatic Environments

A. Tafa, Garching/DE, M Elsner, Garching bei Munchen/DE, R Bakkour, Garching bei Munchen/DE

Coupling a Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Liquid Chromatography for Online NOM Monitoring

C. Wabnitz, Garching/DE, A. Canavan, Garching/DE, W. Chen, Garching/DE, Z. Toprakcioglu, Cambridge/GB, M. Elsner, Garching/DE, R. Bakkour, Garching/DE

Balanced-Detection Interferometric Cavity-Assisted Photothermal Spectroscopy for Compact Trace Gas Detection

J. P. Waclawek, Wien/AT, H. Moser, Vienna/AT, B. Lendl, Vienna/AT

Foodborne bacteria sensing using dynamic Janus emulsions via targeting bacterial exoenzyme activity

A. W. Baryzewska, Potsdam/DE, B. D. Frank, Potsdam/DE, C. Roth, Berlin/DE, P.H. Seeberger, Potsdam/DE, L. Zeininger, Potsdam/DE

Improved colloidal stability and luminescence features of upconversion nanoparticles for bioanalytical applications by layer-by-layer surface modification

S. J. Baumann, Regensburg/DE, T. Hirsch, Regensburg/DE

Development of High-Performance Electrochemical Biosensors for Clinical Analysis

F. Beck, Regensburg/DE, C. Horn, Mannheim/DE, A.J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Influence of gas environment on electroanalytical properties of laser-induced graphene

A. Behrent, Regensburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Next generation LFA: quantitative dual mode detection with HRP label and booster liposomes

F. Blaser, Regensburg/DE, K. Hoecherl, Regensburg/DE, A. Duerkop, Regensburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Functionalisation of gold nanoparticles with antibodies for quantitative lateral flow test for amitriptyline

M. Conrad, Tübingen/DE, E. Builes, Braunschweig/DE, A. Dietzel, Braunschweig/DE, S. Wagner, Oldenburg/DE, A. Sill, Oldenburg/DE, G. Proll, Tübingen/DE, G. Gauglitz, Tübingen/DE

Mid-IR Dispersion Spectroscopy based on an EC-QCL and a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer for Chemical Analysis in Liquid-Phase

A. Dabrowska, Wien/AT, A. Schwaighofer, Vienna/AT, B. Lendl, Vienna/AT

An Immunosensor for Pharmaceutical Contaminants in Water Supply

A. Ecke, Berlin/DE, R. J. Schneider, Berlin/DE

Microfluidic Sensor based on Laser-Induced Graphene Electrodes for Electroanalytical and Electrochemiluminescent Detection of Pathogens

F. Gerstl, Regensburg/DE, U. Pongkitdachoti, Bangkok/TH, F. Unob, Bangkok/TH, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Nanomaterial based sensors for diagnosis of acute myocardial infraction using epitope-mediated MIPs

G. Hasabnis, Berlin/DE, Z. Altintas, Berlin/DE

Microarray platform for sero- and subtyping of Legionella pneumophila in aerosols

L. Heining, Garching/DE, M. Seidel, Garching/DE

HRP liposomes for serum-based clinical diagnostic assays

K. Höcherl, Regensburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

A flow-based chemiluminescence microarray analysis platform for SARS-CoV-2 serological assessments

J. Klüpfel, München/DE, O. Hayden , München/DE, U. Protzer, München/DE, P. Knolle, München/DE, M. Ungerer , München/DE, M. Elsner, München/DE, M. Seidel, München/DE

Chip-based Sensing with Surface Acoustic Waves of the Intercellular Transfer of Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored Proteins - Biomedical Applications

G. Müller, Oberschleissheim/DE, M. Tschöp, Oberschleissheim/DE, T. Müller, Oberschleissheim/DE

Flow-based screening assay for the investigation of affinity binders for bacteria

J. Neumair, München/DE, M. Seidel, Munich/DE

In silico designed synthetic antibodies for the quantification of cancer marker

M. Pirzada, Berlin/DE, M. Buchholz, Berlin/DE, T. Utesch, Berlin/DE, N. Yong, Berlin/DE, Z. Altintas, Berlin/DE

Graphene Derivatives as Semi-Selective Receptors in Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging for Environmental Sensing

P. Recum, Regensburg/DE, S. Jobst, Regensburg/DE, L. Wunderlich, Regensburg/DE, R. Bierl, Regensburg/DE, T. Hirsch, Regensburg/DE

A Dual-beam Photothermal Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Employing an External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser for Detection of Water Traces in Organic Solvents

G. Ricchiuti, Wien/AT, A. Dabrowska, Wien/AT, D. Pinto, Wien/AT, G. Ramer, Wien/AT, B. Lendl, Wien/AT

Synthesis and Characterization of High Efficient NIR-excitable Upconversion Luminescent Probes for Bioanalytical Applications

A. Schroter, Regensburg/DE, S. Märkl, Regensburg/DE, N. Weitzel, Regensburg/DE, T. Hirsch, Regensburg/DE

Quantification of Legionella spp. by a heterogeneous isothermal nucleic acid amplification test

G. Schwaiger, München/DE, M. Seidel, Munich/DE

Computationally designed epitope imprinted QCM biosensor for pathogenic viruses

E. Sehit, Berlin/DE, G. Battocchio, Berlin/DE, G. Yao, Berlin/DE, M. Pirzada, Berlin/DE, J. Trimpert, Berlin/DE, M. A. Mroginski, Berlin/DE, R. Süssmuth, Berlin/DE, Z. Altintas, Berlin/DE

Development of a functional complement assay based on liposomes for biomedical research and diagnostics

C. Spitzenberg, Regensburg/DE, A. Gebhard, Regensburg/DE, C. Griesche, Regensburg/DE, C. Hermann, Regensburg/DE, K Hoecherl, Regensburg/DE, S. Streif, Regensburg/DE, D. Pauly, Marburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Liposome-based high-throughput and point-of-care assay for the quick, simple and sensitive detection of neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in patient sera

S. Streif, Regensburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Laser Engraving for Rapid Prototyping of Microfluidic Channels

F. Weinzierl, Regensburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE

Development and Optimization of an Optical Sensor for the Characterization of Protein Kinase Inhibition

V. Wurster, Tübingen/DE, P. Fechner, Tübingen/DE, G. Proll, Tübingen/DE, C. Huhn, Tübingen/DE

A simple Method for Simultaneous Quantitation of different Immunosuppressants in Human Whole Blood by LC-MS/MS

F. Michel, Taufkirchen/DE, J. Miao, Round Rock/US, L. Smith, Round Rock/US, A.B. Kumar, Round Rock/US, S. Aijaz, Round Rock/US, U. Sreenivasan, Round Rock/US

An online-SPE-LC-MS/MS method for the quantification of Neonicotinoids and Neonicotinoid-like Compounds and their specific Metabolites in Urine

S. A. Wrobel, Bochum/DE, D. Bury, Bochum/DE, H. Hayen, Münster/DE, H. M. Koch, Bochum/DE, T. Brüning, Bochum/DE, H. U. Käfferlein, Bochum/DE

Laser-induced Pt/Ni-alloy carbon nanofibers as a high-performing printable electrode for enzyme-free sensors

C. Bruckschlegel, Regensburg/DE, A. J. Baeumner, Regensburg/DE, N. Wongkaew, Regensburg/DE

Scanning electrochemical microscopy for the characterization of fuel cell components

S. Thiel, Nuremberg/DE, M. Eichelbaum, Nuremberg/DE

Elemental bioimaging for the simultaneous quantification of metal-containing drugs in liver tissue

K. Kronenberg, Münster/DE, J. Werner, Munich/DE, P. Bohrer, Munich/DE, F Lohöfer, Munich/DE, R. Braren, Munich/DE, P. Paprottka, Munich/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

High density HSI and MS portable imaging for biomedical applications

M. Marradi, Sesto Fiorentino/IT, L. Giannoni, Sesto Fiorentino/IT, F. S. Pavone, Sesto Fiorentino/IT

Strategies for the investigation of elemental and lipid distributions in atherosclerotic rabbit arteries by means of LA-ICP-MS and MALDI-timsTOF-MS

P. Niehaus, Münster/DE, M. L. A. Ebert, München/DE, M. Kimm, München/DE, V. F. Schmidt, München/DE, M. Wildgruber, München/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Imaging of electrode fouling during peptide cleavage reactions on an electrochemical microfluidic chip

E. Niehaves, Münster/DE, P. Führer, Enschede/NL, M. Odijk, Enschede/NL, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Microsecond LA-spICP-MS to Localize and Size Nanoparticles in Tissue Sections

S. B. Seiffert, Ludwigshafen/DE, M. Elinkmann, Muenster/DE, A. Vennemann, Muenster/DE, E. Niehaves, Ludwigshafen am Rhein/DE, M. Wiemann, Muenster/DE, S. Kroeger, Ludwigshafen am Rhein/DE, D. Mozhayeva, Ludwigshafen am Rhein/DE, U. Karst, Muenster/DE

Quantitative imaging of gadolinium in bones of large animals by means of LA-ICP-MS

C. Verlemann, Münster/DE, H. Richter, Zürich/CH, L. F. Martin, Zürich/CH, A. Lübke, Hamburg/DE, A. Karol, Zürich/DE, M. Sperling, Münster/DE, A. Radbruch, Bonn/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE, A. Jeibmann, Münster/DE

Tattoo Pigment Analysis in Human Skin Samples with Adverse Reaction by µXRF, LDI-MS-Imaging and LDI-TIMS-MS/MS-Imaging

C. Wolf, Münster/DE, C. Brungs, Münster/DE, A. Behrens, Münster/DE, S. Schubert, Göttingen/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Analysis of Pesticides in Cannabis Using Isotopically Labeled Internal Standards and Liquid and Gas Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry

S. Altmaier, Darmstadt/DE, G. Rule, Bellefonte/US, I. Hayenga-Bartz, Buchs/CH, U. Sreenivasan, Round Rock/US

Single-Particle Mass Spectral Signatures of a Ship Engine and New Markers for Ship Emissions from Distillate Fuel Operation

L. Anders, Rostock/DE

Analysis of MnO2 nanoparticles from batteries by single particle-ICP-MS

L. Balke, Münster/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE, M. Elinkmann, Münster/DE, M. Kreuznacht, Münster/DE

Position-Specific Isotope Analysis using 13C-Labels on Sulfamethoxazole

A. Canavan, Garching bei München/DE, M. Elsner, Garching bei München/DE

“Top-Down” Generation of Stable Isotope Labelled Metabolite Standards Using Electrochemistry and Mass Spectrometry

V. Göldner, Münster/DE, J. Fangmeyer, Münster/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

A novel PNGase Rc to improve protein N-deglycosylation for mass spectrometric protein characterization.

M. Gramlich, Reutlingen/DE, S. Maier, Reutlingen/DE, P. D. Kaiser, Reutlingen/DE, D. Stoll, Sigmaringen/DE, J. Voglmeir, Nanjing/CN, U. Rothbauer, Tuebingen/DE, A. Zeck, Reutlingen/DE

Investigation of the Complementarity of Different Electron Ionization Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Aerosol Chemical Characterization

E. Hartner, München/DE, A. Paul, Jülich/DE, U. Käfer, München/DE, H. Czech, Rostock/DE, T. Hohaus, Jülich/DE, T. Gröger, München/DE, Y. Rudich, Rehovot/IL, A. Kiendler-Scharr, Jülich/DE, R. Zimmermann, München/DE

Chemical Warfare Agents: Real-Time Trace Detection after Decontamination with PTR-TOFMS

A. Herburger, Innsbruck/AT, A. Mauracher, Innsbruck/AT, R. Gutmann, Innsbruck/AT, S. Jaksch, Innsbruck/AT, J. Herbig, Innsbruck/AT, L. Märk, Innsbruck/AT, P. Sulzer, Innsbruck/AT

Internal quantification of 99-technetium in aqueous samples by means of isobaric dilution analysis

M. Horstmann, Münster/DE, D. Quarles Jr., Omaha/US, S. Happel, Bruz/FR, A. Faust, Münster/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Time-Dependent Uptake of Arsenic Species in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii via Single Cell ICP-MS

A. Köhrer, Münster/DE, M. Elinkmann, Münster/DE, D. Quarles, Münster/US, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Goslin 2.0 implements the most recent lipid short-hand nomenclature for MS-derived lipid structures

D. Kopczynski, Wien/AT, N. Hoffmann, Bielefeld/DE, B. Peng, Stockholm/SE, G. Liebisch, Regensburg/DE, F. Spener, Graz/AT, R. Ahrends, Wien/AT

Identification and imaging of compound classes on electrode surfaces

T. J. Maas, Münster/DE, A. Behrens, Münster/DE, M. M. Hielscher, Mainz/DE, S. R. Waldvogel, Mainz/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Simplified LC-MS/MS method for glyphosate and related compounds in oat cereals using a new Carbon HPLC column

F. Michel, Taufkirchen/DE, C. Corman, Bellefonte/US, T. Marsala, Bellefonte/US, M.J. Ross, Bellefonte/US, O.I. Shimelis, Bellefonte/US, M. Ye, Bellefonte/US, C. Muraco, Bellefonte/US

Elemental and molecular bioimaging of bentonite and kaolin nanomaterials and their impact on lung tissues

I. D. Nordhorn, Münster/DE, C. Pölker, Münster/DE, A. Vennemann, Münster/DE, M. Wiemann, Münster/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

K2I Project - Trace Pollutant Tracker

L. Prechtl, Garching/DE, T. Waldmann, Langenau/DE, R. Winzenbacher, Langenau/DE, N. Zumbülte, Karlsruhe/DE, M. Loos, Zürich/CH, B. Marquardt, Hamburg/DE, U. Müller, Karlsruhe/DE, B. von Oepen, Hamburg/DE, V. Pauw, Garching/DE, M. Petri, Stuttgart/DE, T. Pochwyt, Gelsenkirchen/DE, M. Seidel, Garching/DE, E. Shojaei, Garching/DE, J. Schneidewind, Langenau/DE, D Armbruster, Karlsruhe/DE, M. Elsner, Garching/DE, A. Fink, Groß-Gerau/DE, S. Götz, Groß-Gerau/DE, S. Hachinger, Garching/DE, M. Hayek, Garching/DE, O. Huschens, Groß-Gerau/DE, M. Käberich, Karlsruhe/DE, A. Liesener, Gelsenkirchen/DE, W. Schulz, Langenau/DE, D. Uhl, Karlsruhe/DE

On-Line electrochemical mass spectrometry and how it can be used to improve the performance of automotive Lithium-Ion-Batteries

J. Scharf, München/DE, F.-M. Matysik, Regensburg/DE

Ceramide quantification with species-specific correction factors utilizing a KNIME workflow for data processing

N. Troppmair, Wien/AT, D. Kopczynski, Vienna/AT, C. Coman, Vienna/AT, R. Ahrends, Vienna/AT

Direct and indirect mechanism of ciprofloxacin degradation

M. Voigt, Krefeld/DE, V. Langerbein, Krefeld/DE, J.-M. Dluziak, Krefeld/DE, N. Wellen, Krefeld/DE

Bioimaging of Zn and Cd in leaves of hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry with referencing strategies

M. von Bremen-Kühne, Münster/DE, H. Ahmadi, Bochum/DE, M. Sperling, Münster/DE, U. Krämer, Bochum/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Impurity profiling of organic by-products of a newly developed Gd based contrast agent using automated data processing

S. Weishaupt, Münster/DE, W. Holkenjans, Wuppertal/DE, S. Balzer, Wuppertal/DE, S. Heuckeroth, Münster/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Detection of polystyrene nano- and microplastics in pak choi

E. Zytowski, Großbeeren/DE, M. Mollavali, Großbeeren/DE, S. Baldermann, Großbeeren/Bayreuth/DE

ICP-MS Analysis of Cannabis Sativa Containing Food Products Using a CRM Heavy Metal Mix (As, Cd, Hg and Pb)

S. Altmaier, Darmstadt/DE

Determination of cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes D4, D5 and D6 in environmental water samples by headspace GC/MS

J. Barthelmes, Essen/DE, O. J. Schmitz, Essen/DE

Implementation of Online Digestion for a Fast Analysis of Protein-Metallodrug-Interactions via TIMS-MS

C. Erbacher, Münster/DE, P. Strohmidel, Münster/DE, M. Sperling, Münster/DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Double bond localization in methyl ketones by gas chromatography – mass spectrometry utilizing dimethyl disulfide adducts

M. Froning, Münster/DE, H. Hayen, Münster/DE

Comparison of the Chemical Profile of "quasi"-Ultrafine Particle Aerosols from Heavy-Duty Vehicles Operated by Different Fuel Types in an Occupational Exposure Scenario

N. Gawlitta, München/DE, J. Orasche, Munich/DE, G.-L. Geldenhuys, Pretoria/ZA, G. Jakobi, Munich/DE, T. Gröger, Munich/DE, P. B. C. Forbes, Pretoria/ZA, R. Zimmermann, Munich/Rostock/DE

Further development of field-flow fractionation-Raman coupling: importance of suitable reference materials

M. Huber, Garching/DE, I. Beer, Garching/DE, F. Caputo, Trondheim/NO, J. Parot, Trondheim/NO, V. Sogne, Landsberg/DE, F. Meier, Landsberg/DE, M. Elsner, Garching/DE, N. Ivleva, Garching/DE

Column switching for the enrichment and separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from industrial matrices

K. Kochale, Duisburg/DE, J. Thißen, Duisburg/DE, T. Teutenberg, Duisburg/DE, S. Lamotte, Ludwigshafen am Rhein/DE, T. C. Schmidt, Essen/DE

Clean, Safe and Sustainable - Hyphenated Techniques for the Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Glycolipidic Biosurfactants in their Biotechnological Production

A. Lipphardt, Münster/DE, H Hayen, Münster/DE

Investigations on the Wash-out Behavior of Intravenous Iron During Perioperative Cell Salvage by Means of SEC-ESI-MS and SEC-ICP-MS

M. Macke, Münster/DE, J.-C. Müller, Münster/DE, R. M. R. Olivier, Münster/DE, A. U. Steinbicker, Frankfurt a. M./DE, U. Karst, Münster/DE

Headspace-SPME as a versatile Monitoring Method for Detection of early Insect Infestation in Rice

F. Michel, Taufkirchen/DE, D. Mendivelso, Bellefonte/US, O.I. Shimelis, Bellefonte/US

Recent Advances in High Performance Liquid Chromatography using Carbon Materials

F. Michel, Taufkirchen/DE, C.E. Muraco, Bellefonte/US, C. Frantz, Bellefonte/US, W.L. Maule, Bellefonte/US, K. Espenschied, Bellefonte/US, J. Jones, Bellefonte/US, M. Ye, Bellefonte/US

Analysis of PFAS in Drinking Water - Investigations on Sample Preparation by a new WAX and polymeric SPE Cartridges

F. Michel, Taufkirchen/DE, J. Simon, Darmstadt/DE, J. Ross, Bellefonte/US, O. Shimelis, Bellefonte/US

The Impact of Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) Adsorbent Properties on Analytical Performance

F. Michel, Taufkirchen/DE, D. Mendivelso, Bellefonte/US, O. Shimelis, Bellefonte/US

Tackling a blind spot in reversed phase chromatography: How to analyze sugars and related highly polar components in applications for a green industry

V. Neu, Ludwigshafen/DE, W. Hoffmann, Ludwigshafen/DE, S. Klinck, Ludwigshafen/DE, J. Jung, Ludwigshafen/DE, N. Gruber, Ludwigshafen/DE

Selective separation of human pathogenic viruses from water sources using dopamine- and chitosan functionalized molecularly imprinted PVDF membranes

C. A. Olivares Moreno, Berlin/DE, N. Ghaddar, Berlin/DE, M. Pirzada, Berlin/DE, E. Sehit, Berlin/DE, Z. Altintas, Berlin/DE

Alternative approach of 1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone quantification in air by GC-NPD

X. L. Osorio Barajas, Stade/DE, S. Haberlandt, Stade/DE, M. Pursch, Wiesbaden/DE, J. Griffith, Lake Jackson/US, B. Winniford, Freeport/US, B. Schilling, Zürich/CH, F. E. Lücking, Böhlen/DE, K. Krietzsch, Böhlen/DE, E. M. Frühauf, Stade/DE

Sintered glass monoliths as new supports for fast affinity columns

M. Ponader, Berlin/DE, M. G. Weller, Berlin/DE

Advantages in HILIC-MS/MS based phospholipid analysis by trapped ion mobility spectrometry

E. Rudt, Münster/DE, Heiko Hayen, Münster/DE

Complementary use of high-resolution MS and charged aerosol detection for the analysis of polar lipids by supercritical fluid chromatography

S. Schneider, Münster/DE, H. Hayen, Münster/DE

Application of capillary ion chromatography-MS for the determination of small polar metabolites in plant samples

H. Schoettler, Münster/DE, Heiko Hayen, Münster/DE

Laser-Based Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy for In-Line Monitoring of Proteins in Preparative Liquid Chromatography

A. Schwaighofer, Wien/AT, Ch. Akhgar, Vienna/AT, J. Ebner, Vienna/AT, M. Alcaraz, Santa Fe/AR, J. Kopp, Vienna/AT, H. Goicoechea, Santa Fe/AR, O. Spadiut, Vienna/AT, B. Lendl, Vienna/AT

2D-LC heart-cut setup: a powerful approach to streamline sample preparation

V. Schwantes, Münster/DE, H. Hayen, Münster/DE

Method Optimization and Physico-chemical characterisation of UFPs

D. Shukla, München/DE, E. Eckenberger, Bayreuth/DE, N. Gawlitta, Munich/DE, J. Orasche, Munich/DE, A. Nölscher, Bayreuth/DE, R. Zimmermann, Munich/DE

Modified hippocampal lipid signaling pathways triggered by lifestyle conditions: a multi-omics perspective

B. de Jonckheere, Wien/AT, C. Coman, Vienna/AT, M. Borgmeyer, Hamburg/DE, H.F. Schött, Dortmund/DE, T. Li, Dortmund/DE, P. Westhoff, Dortmund/DE, H. Cheung, Dortmund/DE, M. Chocholoušková, Pardubice/CZ, M. Holčapek, Pardubice/CZ, C. Has, Dortmund/DE, M. Mikhaylova, Hamburg/DE, M.R. Kreutz, Magdeburg/DE, R. Ahrends, Vienna/AT

Method Development for the Simultaneous Quantification of Multiple Bioactive Lipid Classes

S. Rubenzucker, Wien/AT, R Ahrends, Vienna/AT

Proteomics analysis of unfolded protein response induced glioblastomas reveals PERK pathway as major regulatory branch

A. Wenger, Wien/AT, C. Nguyen, Los Angeles/US, R. Ahrends, Vienna/AT

Metabolic Mechanism of Sulfonamide Cleavage: A Combined Computational and Experimental Study on Sulfamethoxazole

L. Chai, Garching/DE

Generation and characterization of ultrafine soot particles with similar physical but varying chemical properties enabling hypotheses driven incubation experiments

A. Das, München/DE, J. Schnelle-Kreis , München/DE, M. Sklorz, München/DE, R. Zimmermann , München/DE, J. Pantzke, München/DE, E. Hartner, München/DE, S. Jeong, München/DE, G. Jakobi, München/DE, M. Delaval, München/DE, A. Hüber, München/DE, S. Offer, München/DE, T. Gröger, München/DE, S. Öder, München/DE, S. Bucchianico , München/DE

A rapid and simple method for determining antifogging additives foliar applied to plants and in soil

V. Harbart, Großbeeren/DE, S. Baldermann, Kulmbach/DE

Evaluation of aerosol emission from a marine diesel engine using a wet sulfur scrubber and a filtration system for exhaust gas abatement

S. Jeong, München/DE, J. Orasche, Munich/DE, K. Fisch, Munich/DE, P. Cwierz, Rostock/DE, C. Rüger, Rostock/DE, H. Czech, Rostock/DE, E. Karg, Munich/DE, T. Adam, Munich/DE, R. Zimmermann, Rostock/Munich/DE, J. Bendl, Munich/DE, C. Geipel, Marktrodach/DE, T. Streibel, Rostock/DE, J. Schnelle-Kreis, Munich/DE, M. Sklorz, Munich/DE, D. Schulz-Bull, Rostock/DE, B. Buchholz, Rostock/DE, U. Etzien, Munich/DE, J. Schade, Rostock/DE, M. Bauer, Rostock/DE, G. Jakobi, Munich/DE, M. Saraji-Bozorgzad, Munich/DE, U. Käfer, Munich/DE, G. Heyen, Bremen/DE, M. Krausnick, Bremen/DE, A. Geißler, Marktrodach/DE

Application of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in Technical Cleanliness Analysis

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