Electrochemistry 2018
Electrochemical Surface Science: From Fundamentals to Applications

September 24 - 26, 2018, Ulm

Poster list

Measurement of Li-ion mobility in battery electrolytes

A. Hofmann, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE, T. Hanemann, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen and Freiburg/DE

Nanoimprint lithography of nanoporous carbon precursors for micro-supercapacitors

S. Lochmann, Dresden/DE, S. Kaskel, Dresden/DE

Investigation of structural changes over long-term cycling of Ni-rich layered oxides used as cathode materials in Li-ion batteries

F. Friedrich, Garching/DE, B. Strehle, Garching/DE, H. Gasteiger, Garching/DE

Quantification of NCM and LFP Particle Breaking During Charge-Discharge Cycling Using Impedance Spectroscopy

S. Oswald, Garching/DE, D. Pritzl, Garching/DE, M. Wetjen, Garching/DE, H. A. Gasteiger, Garching/DE

Cost efficient approach for advanced Li2S cathodes

S. D. Hirt, Duisburg/DE, S. Wennig, Duisburg/DE, B. Oberschachtsiek, Duisburg/DE, A. Heinzel, Duisburg/DE

Selection of safe "salt-in-carbonate" electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries

Z. Wang, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE, A. Hofmann, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE, T. Hanemann, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen/DE

Influence of aging mechanism on safety of Li-ion cells in second-life applications

K. Richter, Ulm/DE, T. Waldmann, Ulm/DE, J. B. Quinn, Ulm/DE, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Ulm/DE

Scanning electrochemical microscopy for characterization of redox-mediators that improve the charging of lithium-oxygen batteries

B. Krueger, Oldenburg/DE, G. Wittstock, Oldenburg/DE

Investigation of reversible heat generation rates of blended Li-insertion electrodes

T. Liebmann, Dresden/DE, C. Heubner, Dresden/DE, M. Schneider, Dresden/DE, A. Michaelis, Dresden/DE

Evaluation of Bipolar Plates with Different Graphite Types for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

G. Gupta, Oldenburg/DE, B. Satola, Oldenburg/DE, C. Harms, Oldenburg/DE, A. Dyck, Oldenburg/DE, R. Henkel, Oldenburg/DE

Evaluation of Pt/C activity for ORR/OER and Al stripping/deposition in AlCl3-based aprotic electrolytes for the rechargeable Al-air battery

J.-F. Drillet, Frankfurt (Main)/DE, N. Bogolowski, Frankfurt/DE

Development and Characterization of Microfluidic Fuel Cells

W. Rösing, Ilmenau/DE, J. König, Ilmenau/DE, K. Tschulik, Bochum/DE, C. Cierpka, Ilmenau/DE

Electrochemical Preparation of Tin Nanowires as Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries

K. Voigt, Dresden/DE, T. Liebmann, Dresden/DE, C. Heubner, Dresden/DE, C. Lämmel, Dresden/DE, M. Weiser, Dresden/DE, N. Junker, Dresden/DE, M. Schneider, Dresden/DE, A. Michaelis, Dresden/DE

Analysis of Gas Permeation Phenomena in a PEM Water Electrolyzer Operated at High Pressure and Current Density

J. Schröter, Munich/DE, M. Bernt, Munich/DE, H. A. Gasteiger, Munich/DE

Characterisation of Mn-doped Li+-stabiliesed Na-β''-alumina electrolytes

C. Dirksen, Hermsdorf/DE, A. I. Agustina, Hermsdorf/DE, M. Schulz, Hermsdorf/DE, M. Stelter, Hermsdorf/DE

Towards Best Practices for Improving Paper-Based Microfluidic Fuel cells

L.-L. Shen, Darmstadt/DE, G.-R. Zhang, Darmstadt/DE, M. B. Biesalski, Darmstadt/DE, B. J. M. Etzold, Darmstadt/DE

The oxygen reduction and evolution in CaTFSI2  / DMSO electrolytes

S. Zaubitzer, Ulm/DE, M. Marinaro, Ulm/DE, P. Kottam, Ulm/DE, L. Jörissen, Ulm/DE, P. Fischer, Ulm/DE

Manganese Carbonophosphates - Suitable Cathodes for Aqueous andWater-in-Salt Na-ion Batteries?

M. Schuster, Villigen/CH, C. Villevieille, Villigen/CH, P. Novák, Villigen/CH, C. Marino, Villigen/CH

Charge and Mass Transport at the Cathode|Li2O2|Electrolyte Interface in Li-O2 Battery Cells

S. Müller, Marburg/DE, B. Roling, Marburg/DE

Silicon/Graphene composite based anodes for advanced Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries

T. Meyer, Duisburg/DE, F. Mahlendorf, Duisburg/DE, A. Heinzel, Duisburg/DE

Development of capacity balancing methods in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries by modelling crossover processes

K. Schafner, Clausthal/DE, T. Turek, Clausthal/DE

Structure-dependant distribution of discharge products within different designed Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Li/O2 systems

D. Fenske, Oldenburg/DE, I. Bardenhagen, Oldenburg/DE, J. Schwenzel, Oldenburg/DE

The ORR Activity and Stability of Pt NP Supported on TiO2@CNT-Composites

M. Eckardt, Ulm/DE, C. Gebauer, Ulm/DE, Z. Jusys, Ulm/DE, M. Wassner, Salzburg/AT, N. Hüsing, Salzburg/AT, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

State of charge monitoring in a VFB by amperometric method

I. Kroner, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, M. Becker, Clausthal/DE, T. Turek, Clausthal/DE

Interrelation between Redox Molecule Transport and Li+ Ion Transport across Model SEIs grown on Glassy Carbon

S. Kranz, Marburg/DE, T. Kranz, Marburg/DE, B. Roling, Marburg/DE

A DEMS study of Gas Evolution at a High-voltage LiNi0.5 Mn1.5O4 Cathode in a Mixture of Ethylene and Dimethyl Carbonates

Z. Jusys, Ulm/DE, D. Alwast, Ulm/DE, J. Schnaidt, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Evaluation of Salt-Templated Carbon-Carbon Composite Electrodes for Application in Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

M. Schnucklake, Berlin/DE, T. Tichter, Berlin/DE, C. Roth, Berlin/DE

Consumption of Fluoroethylene Carbonate Additives on Silicon Alloy Anodes

D. Yoon, Ulm/DE, M. Marinaro, Ulm/DE, P. Axmann, Ulm/DE, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Ulm/DE

Characteristics of Zinc-Air Flow Batteries

C. Müller, Duisburg/DE, D. Fuchs, Duisburg/DE, F. Mahlendorf, Duisburg/DE, A. Heinzel, Duisburg/DE

Electrochemical and hydrodynamic modeling linked with optical measurements for flow field design improvement of vanadium redox-flow batteries

E. Prumbohm, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, G. D. Wehinger, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, U. Kunz, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, T. Turek, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE

Influence of Quinone Concentration on the Properties of Electrolytes for Organic Redox-Flow Batteries

S. Bauer, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, J. C. Namyslo, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, D. E. Kaufmann, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, T. Turek, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE

Operando Raman Analysis on Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Oxide Cathodes for Li-Ion-Batteries

P. Jehnichen, Jülich/DE, C. Korte, Jülich/DE

Use of additives for stability improvement in Li-O2 cell.

P. Kottam, Ulm/DE, P. Fischer, Ulm/DE, M. Marinaro, Ulm/DE, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Ulm/DE

Sulfur spillover on carbon materials and possible impacts on metal-sulfur batteries

L. Medenbach, Jena/DE, P. Adelhelm, Jena/DE, I. Escher, Jena/DE, L. Zedler, Jena/DE, B. Dietzek, Jena/DE, M. Armbrüster, Chemnitz/DE, N. Köwitsch, Chemnitz/DE

Layered manganese oxides as cathodes for the aluminium-ion battery

B. Sánchez Batalla, Frankfurt (Main)/DE, W. Peters, Frankfurt (Main)/DE, J.-F. Drillet, Frankfurt (Main)/DE

Understanding the shape of ring current transients in RRDE experiments: From simulations to more detailed insights

P. P. Bawol, Bonn/DE, J. H. Thimm, Bonn/DE

π-π-Interactions in Redox Polymers – Enabling Polymeric Cathode-active Materials with Ultra-high Cycling Stability

M. Kolek, Münster/DE, F. Otteny, Freiburg/DE, J. Becking, Münster/DE, B. Esser, Freiburg/DE, M. Winter, Münster/DE, P. M. Bieker, Münster/DE

The Electrochemical Behaviour of Magnesium Alloys for Secondary Magnesium Ion Batteries

D. Schloffer, Graz/AT, S. Bozorgi, Ranshofen/AT, B. Gollas, Graz/AT

Electrolytes for the rechargeable magnesium ion battery

D. Schloffer, Graz/AT, B. Gollas, Graz/AT

Validation of the impedance-derived ion transport tortuosity by diffusion simulation on a 3D reconstructed graphite battery electrode

M. Kroll, Marburg/DE, D. Hlushkou, Marburg/DE, S. Schlabach, Karlsruhe/DE, A. Höltzel, Marburg/DE, B. Roling, Marburg/DE, U. Tallarek, Marburg/DE

Comparative Study of Zinc Electrode in Ionic Liquid and Alkaline Electrolyte for Secondary Zinc-Air Battery

D. Yazili, Ulm/DE, E. Marini, Ulm/DE, C. Evangelisti, Ulm/DE, L. Jörissen, Ulm/DE

Mesoporous carbon electrodes functionalized with manganese oxide nanosplotches for dense stable and wide-temperature ionic-liquid-based supercapacitors

F. L. Lai, Potsdam/DE, M. Oschatz, Potsdam/DE, M. Antonietti, Potsdam/DE

Enabling multi-electron step red-ox reactions in Cobalt free high energy LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4

P. Balasubramanian, Ulm/IN, M. Mancini, Ulm/DE, P. Axmann, Ulm/DE, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Ulm/DE

Microstructural and electrochemical investigation of water-based electrodes for lithium ion batteries

X. Yang, Münster/DE, G. Gallasch, Münster/DE, P. Noll, Münster/DE, F. Schappacher, Münster/DE, M. Winter, Münster/DE

Analysis of the insertion behaviour of sodium ions into hard carbon by impedance spectroscopy

M. Mandl, Ulm/DE, D. Buchholz, Ulm/DE, M. A. Danzer, Bayreuth/DE

Investigations on the solid electrolyte interface of sodium in 1M NaPF6 EC:DMC 1:1 electrolyte

M. Mandl, Ulm/DE, D. Buchholz, Ulm/DE, M. A. Danzer, Bayreuth/DE

Combination of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Local Current Density Distribution for Fault Monitoring in PEMFC Stacks

J. Mitzel, Stuttgart/DE, D. Garcia-Sanchez, Stuttgart/DE, M. Schulze, Stuttgart/DE, F. Häußler, Ulm/DE, J. Hunger, Ulm/DE, G. Schlumberger, Ulm/DE

Local current density distributions in electrolysis

M. Schulze, Stuttgart/DE, I. Biswas, Stuttgart/DE, D. Garcia-Sanchez, Stuttgart/DE

Investigating the impact of microstructure on electrolyte transport within the carbon felt electrodes for Vanadium redox flow batteries

R. Banerjee, Ulm/DE, N. Bevilacqua, Ulm/DE, R. Zeis, Ulm/DE

2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone as a Mediator for Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy Investigations in Cathode Materials

E. dos Santos Sardinha, Oldenburg/DE, A. Gräfenstein, Oldenburg/DE, G. Wittstock, Oldenburg/DE

Structural design of ultra-thick NMC 622 cathodes for high energy Lithium-ion batteries

L. Kremer, Ulm/DE, C. Dreer, Ulm/DE, A. Hoffmann, Ulm/DE, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Ulm/DE

Metal self-diffusion barriers on terraces and steps and their relation to dendrite growth in batteries

M. Jäckle, Ulm/DE, A. Groß, Ulm/DE

Conversion/Alloying Materials – Impact of the Particle Size and Morphology

M. Olutogun, Ulm/DE, J. Asenbauer, Ulm/DE, S. Passerini, Ulm/DE, D. Bresser, Ulm/DE

Solid-Liquid Glyme-based Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Batteries

M. Nojabaee, Stuttgart/DE, K. Müller, Stuttgart/DE, B. Fenk, Stuttgart/DE, U. Starke, Stuttgart/DE, J. Popovic, Stuttgart/DE, J. Maier, Stuttgart/DE

Influence of the Microstructural Properties of Positive Electrodes Based on Ni-rich Layered Transition Metal Oxides and their Performance in Li-metal Cells

T. Beuse, Münster/DE, J. P. Badillo, Münster/DE, P. Niehoff, Münster/DE, F. Schappacher, Münster/DE, M. Winter, Münster/DE

Changes in the preparation route of α-MnO2/C and resulting modifications in the ORR activity and selectivity in alkaline solution

E. Marini, Ulm/DE, M. Steininger, Ulm/DE, S. Brimaud , Ulm/DE, C. Evangelisti, Ulm/DE, L. Jörissen, Ulm/DE

Degradation study of VRFB using distribution of relaxation times analysis

J. Schneider, Berlin/DE, R. Zeis, Ulm/DE, M. A. Danzer, Bayreuth/DE, C. Roth, Berlin/DE

Developing Aqueous Electrode Processing Strategies for Sustainable High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Cathodes

M. Kuenzel, Ulm/DE, G.-T. Kim, Ulm/DE, D. Bresser, Ulm/DE, S. Passerini, Ulm/DE

Limiting thermal runaway propagation in lithium-ion battery packs using phase change materials

D. Becher, Ulm/DE, M. Bauer, Ulm/DE, H. Döring, Ulm/DE, B. Frieß, Sindelfingen/DE, M. A. Danzer, Bayreuth/DE

Beneficial effect of different electrolyte additives on electrochemical performance of High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Cathodes

A. Kazzazi, Ulm/DE, D. Bresser, Ulm/DE, M. Kuenzel, Ulm/DE, S. Passerini, Ulm/DE

Degradation processes in vanadium redox-flow batteries

H. Ji, Frankfurt (Main)/DE, C. Weidlich, Frankfurt (Main)/DE

Challenges in Fabrication of Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor in Pouch Cell Configuration

D. Bhattacharjya, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, J. Ajuria, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, C. Daniel, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, A. Villaverde, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES

Improving Zn-air batteries by using results from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

A. Kube, Stuttgart/DE, N. Wagner, Stuttgart/DE, K. A. Friedrich, Stuttgart/DE

Analysis of ripple current effects on lithium-ion cells performance

H. Cheetamun, Ulm/MU, J. Klee Barillas, Ulm/DE, M. Bauer, Ulm/DE, P. Küber, Ulm/DE, H. Döring, Ulm/DE

Utilizing the nanocasting method to obtain N‑doped porous carbons with transition metal centers for possible electrode applications

A. Schierz, Hanover/DE, D. Nettelroth, Hanover/DE, P. Behrens, Hanover/DE

PEO with tantalum substituted LLZ as novel type of solid hybrid polymer ceramic electrolytes

M. Wirtz, Jülich/DE, H. Tempel, Jülich/DE, H. Kungl, Jülich/DE, R.-A. Eichel, Jülich/DE

Electrodeposited Na2Ni[Fe(CN)6] Thin Film Cathodes Exposed to Simulated Aqueous Na-Ion Battery Conditions

P. Marzak, Garching/DE, J. Yun, Garching/DE, A. Dorsel, Garching/DE, A. Kriele, Garching/DE, R. Gilles, Garching/DE, O. Schneider, Garching/DE, A. S. Bandarenka, Garching/DE

Challenges in Silicon-Air Batteries with alkaline Electrolytes

R. Schalinski, Halle (Saale)/DE, B. Griesche, Halle/DE, S. L. Schweizer, Halle/DE, R. B. Wehrspohn, Halle/DE

Revealing Transport and Reaction Mechanisms in the Solid-Electrolyte Interphase

B. Horstmann, Ulm/DE, F. Single, Ulm/DE, A. Latz, Ulm/DE

Electrochemical performance of spheroidized graphite as anode active material for Lithium Ion Batteries

J. Martin, Ulm/DE, M. Mancini, Ulm/DE, P. Balasubramanian, Ulm/DE, M. Mundszinger, Ulm/DE, U. Kaiser, Ulm/DE, M. Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, Ulm/DE

Influence of additives on the morphology of oxidation products in rechargeable zinc-air batteries

T. Heinemeyer, Hannover/DE, H.-C. Schwarz, Hannover/DE, A.M. Schneider, Hannover/DE, P. Behrens, Hannover/DE

In-situ Raman study of the cation-dependent charge/discharge kinetics of birnessite-type MnO2

P. Scheitenberger, Ulm/DE, S. Brimaud, Ulm/DE, M. Linden, ULm/DE

Solid polymer electrolytes via solvent-free and simultaneous preparation of interpenetrating polymer networks

A. Hoefling, Ulm/DE, A. Hellmann, Ulm/DE, J. Tübke, Karlsruhe/DE

Direct Electropolymerization of p-Sulfonated Poly (Allyl Phenyl Ether) into Carbon Nanotube Anodes for High Performance Flexible Microbatteries

V. Sugiawati, Marseille/FR, F. Vacandio, Marseille/FR, Y. Ein-Eli, Haifa/IL, P. Knauth, Marseille/FR, T. Djenizian, Gardanne/FR

High Voltage Aqueous Na-Ion batteries based on Prussian Blue Analogues

J. Yun, Garching/DE, D. Sciezska, Garching/DE, P. Marzak, Garching/DE, A. Bandarenka, Garching/DE

Metal-organic precursors for energy storage electrodes: Understanding electrochemical processes to design platform materials and processing technologies

J. Linnemann, Dresden/DE, L. Giebeler, Dresden/DE

Nanostructured nickel cobalt oxide and polymer derived carbon for high power and energy density aqueous asymmetric supercapacitor

T. Panja, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, N. Diez, Oviedo/ES, R. Mysyk, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, D. Bhattacharjya, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES, E. Goikoela, Bilbao/ES, D. Carriazo, Vitoria-Gasteiz/ES

Evaluating the energy efficiency and volume expansion of conversion/alloying anodes for Li-ion batteries

J. Asenbauer, Ulm/DE, M. Kuenzel, Ulm/DE, T. Eisenmann, Ulm/DE, A. Birrozzi, Ulm/DE, S. Passerini, Ulm/DE, D. Bresser, Ulm/DE

Influence of microstructure processing on performance in all-solid-state Li-S battery

S. Ohno, Gießen/DE, G. Dewald, Gießen/DE, J. Janek, Gießen/DE, W. Zeier, Gießen/DE

Unraveling the Li+ storage mechanism in transition metal doped ZnO - The effect of aliovalent doping

T. Eisenmann, Ulm/DE, G. Giuli, Camerino/IT, A. Trapananti, Camerino/IT, J. Asenbauer, Ulm/DE, F. Mueller, Ulm/DE, S. Passerini, Ulm/DE, D. Bresser, Ulm/DE

Initial stages of the solid|electrolyte interphase formation studied by ab initio calculations and surface science experiments

K. Forster-Tonigold, Ulm/DE, F. Buchner, Ulm/DE, J. Kim, Ulm/DE, C. Adler, Ulm/DE, J. Bansmann, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE, A. Groß, Ulm/DE

Aqueous electrolytes with ionic liquids for redox flow batteries

Y. Zhang, Saarbrücken/DE, R. Hempelmann, Saarbrücken/DE, R. Chen, Saarbrücken/DE

Understanding the shape of ring current transients in RRDE experiments: From simulations to more detailed insights

P. P. Bawol, Bonn/DE, J. H. Thimm, Bonn/DE, H. Baltruschat, Bonn/DE

Polyoxometalate-conductive polymer nanocomposites as redox-active charge storage materials

M. Anjass, Ulm/DE, M. Fichtner, Ulm/DE, T. Jacob, Ulm/DE, C. Streb, Ulm/DE

Understanding the Capacity Loss in LNMO-LTO Lithium-ion Cells at Ambient and Elevated Temperatures

B. Aktekin, Uppsala/SE, M. J. Lacey, Uppsala/SE, T. Nordh, Uppsala/SE, R. Younesi, Uppsala/SE, C. Tengstedt, Södertälje/SE, W. Zipprich, Wolfsburg/DE, D. Brandell, Uppsala/SE, K. Edstrom, Uppsala/SE

Capacitive behavior of core shell composite electrodes

E. Matsubara, Ribeirao Preto/BR, F. F. S. Xavier, Ribeirao Preto/BR, S. C. Cadore, Uberlandia/BR, J. M. Rosolen, Ribeirao Preto/BR

Non-woven composite electrodes to LIB

J. M. Rosolen, Ribeirao Preto/BR, D. B. Freitas Neto, Ribeirao Preto/BR, E. Y. Matsubara, Ribeirao Preto/BR, R. Parmar, Camerino/IT, R. Gunella, Camerino/IT

Hydrothermal aging of electric double layer capacitors based on polymer-gel-electrolyte

K. Anneser, Würzburg/DE, S. Braxmeier, Würzburg/DE, G. Reichenauer, Würzburg/DE

Investigation on the mechanisms of additives in the active material of stationary lead-acid batteries

P. Wulfert-Holzmann, Würzburg/DE, J. Settelein, Würzburg/DE, G. Sextl, Würzburg/DE

An electrochemical plating method for the preparation of novel electrode materials for lithium ion batteries

J. Komorowska, Aalen/DE, M. Buhl, Aalen/DE, B. Streipert, Aalen/DE, S. Meinhard, Aalen/DE, T. Sörgel, Aalen/DE

Fully anodized and functionalized alumina membranes for use as separators in Li/S batteries

J. Komorowska, Aalen/DE, C. Kiesl, Aalen/DE, S. Meinhard, Aalen/DE, T. Sörgel, Aalen/DE

Investigation of degradation mechanism during freezing process

J. P. Sabawa, Garching/DE

Electrochemical removal of biofilms from titanium dental implant surfaces

M. Rudolph, Frankfurt (Main)/DE, S. Schneider, Frankfurt/DE, V. Bause, Frankfurt/DE, A. Terfort, Frankfurt/DE

Electric field induced changes in the structure of models of the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria adsorbed on the gold electrode surface.

B. Khairalla, Oldenburg/DE, I. Brand, Oldenburg/DE, S. Sek, Warsaw/PL

Nanoporous Platinum Coatings to Enhance the Electrode-Nerve Interface of Neural Implants

K. D. Kreisköther, Hannover/DE, J. Schulze, Hannover/DE, A. Warnecke, Hannover/DE, P. Behrens, Hannover/DE

Silane Based Mixed Self – Assembled Monolayer Formation on Thin Film Semiconducting Oxide for Phospholipid Membrane Development

I. Gabriunaite, Vilnius/LT, A. Valiūnienė, Vilnius/LT

Metallurgical Aluminium Plate for Hybrid Bilayer Formation

T. Sabirovas, Vilnius/LT, A. Valiūnienė, Vilnius/LT

ATP-Microbiosensor for Real-Time Measurement during Vesicles Respiration

J. Lin, Ulm/DE, D. Weixler, Ulm/DE, S. Daboss, Ulm/DE, G. Seibold, Ulm/DE, C. Kranz, Ulm/DE

Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Biocomposite design for Anode Modification

A. Kisieliute, Vilnius/LT

Combining DNA and Protein Simulations: Atomistic insights into the G coupled receptor CXCR4 and its corresponding Antagonist

C. K. Jung, Ulm/DE, T. Jacob, Ulm/DE

An NAD-NADH sensing electrode based on Diaphorase as a versatile basic system for enzyme electrodes

M. Piescheck, Ulm/DE, T. Jacob, Ulm/DE

Transparent Conducting Oxide Thin Films for Hydrogenase Spectroelectrochemistry

V. Davis, Freiburg/DE, N. Heidary, Freiburg/DE, A. Fischer, Freiburg/DE, T. Harris, Freiburg/DE, S. Frielingsdorf, Berlin/DE, O. Lenz, Berlin/DE, I. Zebger, Berlin/DE

Nanoporous Gold - A Prototype for a Rational Design of Catalysts: Electrocatalysis and Transport

M. Haensch, Oldenburg/DE, J. Behnken, Oldenburg/DE, L. Balboa, Oldenburg/DE, M. Graf, Hamburg/DE, J. Weissmüller, Hamburg/DE, G. Wittstock, Oldenburg/DE

Anodic polarization of aluminum in a highly concentrated aqueous solution of lithium bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide

M. Kurihara, Kyoto/JP, A. Kitada, Kyoto/JP, K. Fukami, Kyoto/JP, K. Murase, Kyoto/JP

Galvanic corrosion behaviour of Titanium in artificial Cola drink at different pH values with/without Fluoride addition and tooth brushing simulation

C. Schille, Tuebingen/DE, J. Becker, Tuebingen/DE, E. Schweizer, Tuebingen/DE, J. Geis-Gerstorfer, Tuebingen/DE

Electrochemical Corrosion Studies on Zinc in boric Acid containing Electrolytes

U. Harm, Dresden/DE, H. Kryk, Dresden/DE, U. Hampel, Dresden/DE

Corrosion Protection of Aluminium Conversion Coatings after Deformation

S. Apelt, Dresden/DE, U. Bergmann, Dresden/DE

Electrochemical determination of megestrol acetate in biological fluids and in megace tablets using modified glassy carbon microspheres paste electrode

Y. Temerk, Assiut/EG, H. Ibrahim, Assiut/EG

Development and optimization of an electrochemical flow cell configuration for hydrodynamic scanning electrochemical microscopy

S. Wert, Regensburg/DE, T. Raith, Regensburg/DE, F.-M. Matysik, Regensburg/DE

A Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Dopamine and Serotonin  using Nylon 6,6/MWCNT/ Ni, Zn,Fe Oxides nanofibers Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode.

O. Fayemi, Mafikeng/ZA, E. E. Ebenso, Mafikeng/ZA

Prussian Blue-based Microbiosensors

S. Daboss, Ulm/DE, A. Holzinger, Ulm/DE, J. Izquierdo, Ulm/DE, A. Karyakin, Moscow/RU, C. Kranz, Ulm/DE

Microstructured Polydopamine Deposition via Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

D. Blaimer, Ulm/DE, J. Lin, Ulm/DE, L. Weber, Ulm/DE, S. Daboss, Ulm/DE, C. Kranz, Ulm/DE

Electroanalysing the Bioactivity of Polyphenols on Carbon Printed Chips

V. Mun'delanji C., Kagoshima/JP, F. A. Azo-Oussou, Kagoshima/JP, Y. Nakazono, Kagoshima/JP, K. Samarat, Nomi/JP, H. T. T. Phan, Nomi/JP

Fluorine doped tin oxide – an electrode material for the electrochemical discrimination of dopamine and related catecholamines

G. Göbel, Wildau/DE

Power management of PEM fuel cells system for mobile power unit

K. Bouzek, Prague/CZ, J. Malis, Prague/CZ, M. Paidar, Prague/CZ

Electrospun Ag based gas diffusion electrodes for the oxygen reduction reaction in highly alkaline conditions

M. Gebhard, Berlin/DE, C. Roth, Berlin/DE

Multiscale analysis of complex three-phase systems: Oxygen reduction at gas-diffusion electrodes in aqueous electrolyte

T. Turek, Claustahl-Zellerfeld/DE, U. Krewer, Braunschweig/DE, C. Roth, Berlin/DE, I. Manke, Berlin/DE, U. Nieken, Stuttgart/DE, T. Vidakovic-Koch, Magdeburg/DE, W. Schuhmann, Bochum/DE

Frequency Response Analysis of Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Media

S. Kandaswamy, Magdeburg/DE, T. Vidakovic-Koch, Magdeburg/DE

Distribution of Relaxation Times as a model-free characterization tool for electrochemical systems

M. Hahn, Bayreuth/DE, L.-C. Triebs, Bayreuth/DE, M. A. Danzer, Bayreuth/DE

Potential-controlled chromatography

T. Turrina, Garching/DE, P. Fraga-García, Garching/DE, S. Berensmeier, Garching/DE

Dynamic simulation of an alkaline water electrolyzer

J. Brauns, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, P. Haug, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE, T. Turek, Clausthal-Zellerfeld/DE

Mechanistic Investigation in Electrotechnologies process for Treatmentof Caffeine from Water by BDD Anode

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Electrochemical Adsorption: Industrial Wastewater Treatment

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Removal of micropollutants in wastewater using a novel electrode combination for oxidants production

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Metal deposition from different types of “deep eutectic solvents” and ionic liquid

M. U. Ceblin, Ulm/DE

Differences in the Electrochemical Deposition of Zinc from the Ionic Liquid [MPPI][TFSI] on Au(111) and Au(100) Model Electrodes

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Safe Synthesis of Peracetic Acid by Electrochemistry

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Bifunctional Heterostructure Assembly of NiFe LDH Nanosheets on NiCoP Nanowires for Highly Efficient and Stable Overall Water Splitting

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Selective alcohol electro oxidation via ZIF-8 functionalized Pt/carbon catalysts

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Reagent- and Metal-free Anodic Cross- and Homo-Coupling of Formanilides

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Improved electrochemical performance of Fe-N-C catalysts through ionic liquid modification in alkaline media

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Mesoporous Carbon Supported Catalysts for PEMFC

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Electrodeposited Manganese Oxide on Superhydrophobic Nickel-Mesh for Application in Gas Diffusion Electrodes

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Degradation of Ionomeric Components in Membrane Electrode Assemblies of the Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

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The influence of adsorbed substances on alkaline methanol electrooxidation

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Electrochemical CO2 reduction at copper electrodes with enhanced long-term stability by pulsed electrolysis

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In-situ Cell Design for 57Fe Mößbauer Spectroscopy on Fe-N-C Catalysts

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Investigations on the electrocatalytical activity of phosphorous containing carbon materials for oxygen reduction reaction

N.-F. Schumacher, Saarbrücken/DE, H. Natter, Saarbrücken/DE

Electrocatalysis on Pt Single Nanocrystals:The role of Capping Agents on the ORR Activity and Shape Stability

I. A. Safo, Oldenburg/DE, M. Oezaslan , Oldenburg/DE, C. Dosche , Oldenburg/DE, M. Werheid, Oldenburg/DE

Electrochemical reduction of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) on Me‑N‑C catalysts

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Effects of Cation Ions on the Reactivity of Pt/C during the Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction

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Electrochemical durability of Pt/C as catalyst for the ORR

P. Weber, Oldenburg/DE, D. J. Weber, Oldenburg/DE, M. Janssen, Oldenburg/DE, M. Werheid, Oldenburg/DE, M. Oezaslan, Oldenburg/DE

Coating of carbon materials by pyrolisis of phosphorus containing ionic liquids for electrocatalytical applications 

A. Stephan, Saarbrücken/DE, H. Natter, Saarbrücken/DE

A synthetic approach for ultra-low loaded Pt electrodes due to homogeneous Ionomer distribution

S. Ott, Berlin/DE, H. Schmies, Berlin/DE, B. Anke, Berlin/DE, M. Gliech, Berlin/DE, S. Kuehl, Berlin/DE, H. Wang, Berlin/DE, M. Lerch, Berlin/DE, P. Strasser, Berlin/DE

Deposition of a Cu monolayer by replacement of Hydrogen on Pt electrodes - first steps towards a scalable nanoparticle synthesis

P. A. Loichet, München/DE, H. A. El-Sayed, München/DE, J. N. Schwämmlein, München/DE, H. A. Gasteiger, München/DE

Step-by-step Investigation on Capping Agent Removal from Iridium Alloy Electrocatalysts for the Ethanol Oxidation

C. Prössl, Darmstadt/DE, M. Kübler, Darmstadt/DE, N. Weidler, Darmstadt/DE, U. I. Kramm, Darmstadt/DE

Size Effect of Graphene-supported Pt Clusters for the Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

J. Klein, Ulm/DE, S. Brimaud, Ulm/DE, A. K. Engstfeld, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

Molybdenum doped Pt-Ni octahedral shaped nanoparticles for the oxygen reduction reaction

M. Primbs, Berlin/DE, F. Dionigi, Berlin/DE, P. Strasser, Berlin/DE

Tuning the Dispersion of Pt Nanoparticles by Surface Modification of Carbon Support Materials

M. Werheid, Oldenburg/DE, P. Weber, Oldenburg/DE, C. Dosche, Oldenburg/DE, M. Oezaslan, Oldenburg/DE

Laser structured nickel-iron electrodes for oxygen evolution in alkaline water electrolysis

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In situ Spectroscopic Investigations of the Electrocatalytic Ethanol Oxidation Reaction

J. B. Richter, Dresden/DE, C. Schenk, Dresden/DE, S. Kaskel, Dresden/DE, E. Brunner, Dresden/DE

Investigation of electrocatalytical properties of nitrogen-containing carbon materials prepared from Ionic Liquids

D. Klippert, Saarbrücken/DE, H. Natter, Saarbrücken/DE

Boosting the ORR Performance of PtNi/C Catalysts by Ionic Liquid Modification: The Influence of Carbon Supports

M. George, Darmstadt/DE, P. Reif, Darmstadt/DE, G.-R. Zhang, Darmstadt/DE, B. J. M. Etzold, Darmstadt/DE

Sustainable Electroorganic Synthesis of Bio-based Carboxylic Acids

A. L. Rauen, Mainz/DE, S. R. Waldvogel, Mainz/DE

Water oxidation of LiMn2O4 in hydroxide electrolytes of the alkali metals

M. Baumung, Göttingen/DE, M. Risch, Göttingen/DE

Ethylene glycol oxidation on different platinum-based electrocatalysts

A. Schätz, Halle (Saale)/DE, M. Bron, Halle (Saale)/DE

Stability of FeNC ORR Catalysts in Acidic and Alkaline Electrolyte

F. D. Speck, Erlangen/DE, P. G. Santori, Montpellier/FR, K. J. J. Mayrhofer, Erlangen/DE, F. Jaouen, Montpellier/FR, S. Cherevko, Erlangen/DE

Carbon supported Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reaction

M. Rauf, Shenzhen/CN, Z.-Y. Zhou, Xiamen/CN, S.-G. Sun, Xiamen/CN

Electrocatalytic behavior of Pt, Pd, Pt/Pd and Pd/Pt Nanoparticles containing Poly 1,5- diaminonaphthalene for formic acid oxidation

A. S. Shatla, Bonn/DE, K. M. Hassan, Menoufia/EG, A. A. Abd-El-Latif, Bonn/DE, A. A. Hathoot, Menoufia/EG, H. Baltruschat, Bonn/DE, M. Abdel-Azzem , Menoufia/EG

ORR Activity of Specific Bimetallic PtRu Sites on Pt Modified Ru(0001) Electrodes

A. K. Engstfeld, Ulm/DE, S. Fuchs, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

Mixed CO2-CO Feeds Enhance Ethylene Production during CO2 Electroreduction

X. Wang, Berlin/DE, J. Ferreira de Araújo, Berlin/DE, P. Strasser, Berlin/DE

Tuning the Structure of porous Cu Foams for the CO2RR

B. Hecker, Oldenburg/DE, C. Dosche, Oldenburg/DE, M. Oezaslan, Oldenburg/DE

Electrochemical Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates on Nanoporous Copper Electrodes

S. Ibrahim, Oldenburg/DE, M. Oezaslan, Oldenburg/DE, B. Hecker, Oldenburg/DE, G. Hilt, Oldenburg/GE

Online coupling of electro-organic synthesis in flow cells with mass spectrometry (EC-MS) for fast screening of electrolytic conditions

C. Kampf, Mainz/DE, P. Kohlpaintner, Mainz/DE, S. R. Waldvogel, Mainz/DE

Au single atoms on N-rich carbon structures for enhanced N2 electrochemical reduction.

Q. Qin, Potsdam/DE, M. Oschatz, Potsdam/DE, M. Antonietti, Potsdam/DE

Activity and electrochemical dissolution stability of Pt/IrOx and Pt/IrO2 bifunctional oxygen catalysts

G. C. da Silva, Erlangen/DE, E. A. Ticianelli, São Carlos/BR, K. J. J. Mayrhofer, Erlangen/DE, S. Cherevko, Erlangen/DE

Synergy between Active Sites and Electric Conductivity of Molybdenum Sulfide for Efficient Electrochemical Hydrogen Production

F. Zeng, Aachen/DE, C. Broicher, Aachen/DE, S. Palkovits, Aachen/DE, K. Simeonov, Aachen/DE, R. Palkovits, Aachen/DE

Dehydrogenative Anodic Cross-coupling of Aryls: Sustainable, Disruptive, and Scalable!

S. R. Waldvogel, Mainz/DE

Investigation of stable catalyst support materials for low temperature PEMFC

P. K. Mohanta, Ulm/DE, F. Regnet , Ulm/DE, L. Jörissen, Ulm/DE

Effects of cathode catalyst layers thickness on the MEA performances of low temperature PEMFC

P. K. Mohanta, Ulm/DE, F. Regnet, Ulm/DE, L. Jörissen, Ulm/DE

On a Dominating Mechanism of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction at Polycrystalline Pt-electrodes in Acidic Media

A. S. Bandarenka, Garching/DE, S. Watzele, Garching/DE, J. Fichtner, Garching/DE, B. Garlyyev, Garching/DE

Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis via Micro-Flow Cell using Benchmarking Electrocatalysts

J. Hübner, Berlin/DE, Y. Sun, Berlin/DE, S. Dresp, Berlin/DE, P. Strasser, Berlin/DE

Electrocatalytic full water splitting by a noble-metal-free, bifunctional metal oxide electrocatalyst supported on Cu foam electrodes

D. Gao, Anhui/CN, C. Streb, Ulm/DE

Novel Polyelectrolyte Mediators for Indirect Electroorganic Synthesis

B. Schille, Rostock/DE, N. O. Giltzau, Rostock/DE, R. Francke, Rostock/DE

Electrosynthesis Using a Recyclable Mediator-Electrolyte System Based on the I(I)/I(III) Redox Couple

T. Broese, Rostock/DE, A. F. Roesel, Rostock/DE, R. Francke, Rostock/DE

Electrooxidation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural on Non-Noble Multi-Metal Catalysts

S. Wöllner, Darmstadt/DE, G.-R. Zhang, Darmstadt/DE, N. Rockstroh, Rostock/DE, A. Brückner, Rostock/DE, B. J. M. Etzold, Darmstadt/DE

Sophisticated Electrode Design and Characterization Techniques for Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

N. Wagner, Stuttgart/DE, D. Kopljar, Stuttgart/DE, F. Bienen, Stuttgart/DE, E. Klemm, Stuttgart/DE, K. A. Friedrich, Stuttgart/DE

Electrochemically Switchable Stiffness of Nanoporous Gold-Polypyrrole Electrodes

J. Li, Geesthacht/DE, N. Mameka, Geesthacht/DE, J. Markmann, Geesthacht/DE, J. Weißmüller, Geesthacht/DE

Mesoporous N-doped Carbon as Stable Pt Catalyst Support for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

J. Melke, Freiburg/DE, A. Fischer, Freiburg/DE, R. Schuster, Freiburg/DE, S. Möbus, Freiburg/DE, M. Soballa, Freiburg/DE, T. Jurzinsky, Pfinztal/DE

Investigating reaction pathways for the oxygen reduction reaction on platinum-type electrodes utilizing a GCMD approach within the ReaxFF framework

L. Braunwarth, Ulm/DE, C. K. Jung, Ulm/DE, T. Jacob, Ulm/DE

Polyformamidine derived Fe-N/C Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction

J. Melke, Freiburg/DE, P. Elsässer, Freiburg/DE, A. Fischer, Freiburg/DE

Electrochemical generation of carbenium ions and their reactions with nucleophiles

A. Lielpetere, Riga/LV, A. Jirgensons, Riga/LV

Synergistic bifunctional catalytic activity for oxygen reduction and evolution at oxide-modified metal: influence of support and insight into mechanism

H. Amin, Oxford/GB, M. Soltani, Bonn/DE, C. Bondue, Bonn/DE, L. Zan, Bonn/DE, H. Baltruschat, Bonn/DE

Nickeloxide nanoparticles and thin films as catalysts for (Photo)electrochemicalwater splitting: A surface science study

B. Kaiser, Darmstadt/DE, S. Tao, Darmstadt/DE, S. Wagner, Darmstadt/DE, H. Radinger, Darmstadt/DE, S. Tengeler, Darmstadt/DE, W. Jaegermann, Darmstadt/DE

Bridging the gap between fundamental and applied fuel cell electrocatalysis: High-throughput catalyst screening of gas diffusion electrodes

K. Ehelebe, Erlangen/DE, G. Polymeros, Düsseldorf/DE, S. Thiele, Erlangen/DE, K. J. J. Mayrhofer, Erlangen/DE, S. Cherevko, Erlangen/DE

In situ Study on CO2 Reduction Reactions at Platinum/Ionic Liquid Interfaces

A. Kemna, Münster/DE, B. Braunschweig, Münster/DE

Isopropanol electrooxidation on Pt using electrochemical real-time mass spectrometry (EC-RTMS)

P. Khanipour, Erlangen/DE, F. Waidhas, Erlangen/DE, G. Sievi, Erlangen/DE, O. Brummel, Erlangen/DE, P. Wasserscheid, Erlangen/DE, J. J. Mayrhofer, Erlangen/DE, I. Katsounaros, Erlangen/DE

Electrochemical study of functionalized electrodes with Covalent Organic Frameworks for selective reduction of CO2

G. Dubed, Tarragona/ES, F. Franco, Taragona/ES, S. Mondal, Taragona/ES, A. Shafir, Tarragona/ES, J. Lloret, Tarragona/ES

Cobalt vanadium oxide/C composite materials derived from pyrolyzed POM@ZIF-67 nanoparticles: Bi-functional materials for Oxygen evolution and Li ion battery

Y. Ji, Ulm/DE, C. Streb, Ulm/DE, Y. Ma, Ulm/DE, R. Liu, Ulm/DE, S. Passerini, Ulm/DE

Benchmarking the Stability of Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts

J. Knöppel, Erlangen/DE, S. Geiger, Düsseldorf/DE, O. Kasian, Düsseldorf/DE, M. Ledendecker, Düsseldorf/DE, K. J. J. Mayrhofer, Erlangen/DE, S. Cherevko, Erlangen/DE

Electrochemical conversion of CO2 to methanol - towards development of a 2 kW stack

S. Geiger, Stuttgart/DE, A. S. Gago, Stuttgart/DE, K. A. Friedrich, Stuttgart/DE, S. S. Hosseiny, Stuttgart/DE

Atomically Dispersed Mo-Oxides for the Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction Reaction

R. Liu, Ulm/DE, C. Streb, Ulm/DE

Electrochemical oxidation of HMF as alternative anode reaction to the oxygen evolution in next generation electrolyzers

J. Weidner, Bochum/DE, S. Barwe, Bochum/DE, S. Cychy, Bochum/DE, D. Hiltrop, Bochum/DE, M. Muhler, Bochum/DE, W. Schuhmann, Bochum/DE

The role of co-solvent for the accessibility of ionic liquids to microporous carbon based supercapacitors elucidated by solid-state NMR

E. Zhang, Dresden/DE, N. Fulik, Dresden/DE, L. Borchardt, Dresden/DE, E. Brunner, Dresden/DE, S. Kaskel, Dresden/DE

Polymerized Ionic Liquid based Ionogels for Lithium Ion Batteries

R. Löwe, Karlsruhe/DE, Z. Wang, Karlsruhe/DE, T. Hanemann, Karlsruhe/DE, A. Hofmann, Karlsruhe/DE

Tuning the Electrocatalytic Performance of Ionic Liquid Modified Pt Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction via Cationic Chain Engineering

G.-R. Zhang, Darmstadt/DE, B. J. M. Etzold, Darmstadt/DE

An Ionic Liquid State Composed of Superoxide Radical Anions and Crownether–Coordinated Potassium Cations

A. Kitada, Kyoto/JP, D. Ishikawa, Kyoto/JP, K. Fukami, Kyoto/JP, K. Murase, Kyoto/JP

Influence of Zn2+ and of the Addition of Water on the ORR and OER in the Ionic Liquid BMP-TFSI

D. Alwast, Ulm/DE, J. Schnaidt, Ulm/DE, Z. Jusys, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

Surface Science and Electrochemical Model Studies on the Solid Electrolyte Interphase between Graphite and an Ionic Liquid for Li-Ion Batteries

I. Weber, Ulm/DE, F. Buchner, Ulm/DE, J. Schnaidt, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

Proton Conductivity of Metal Organic Frameworks loaded with Protic Ionic Liquid

K. Wolkersdörfer, Oldenburg/DE, M. Wark, Oldenburg/DE, R. Schaper, Oldenburg/DE, C. F. Seidler, Oldenburg/DE

Analysis of redox series for key metals in ionic liquids

J. Hartley, Freiberg/DE, T. Jaster, Freiberg/DE, G. Frisch, Freiberg/DE

Hexacyanoferrate and ferrocene as internal standards in ionic liquids

N. Frenzel, Freiberg/DE, J. Hartley, Freiberg/DE, G. Frisch, Freiberg/DE

Search for a stable reference system for electrochemical measurements in a strongly coordinating ionic liquid

P. Zürner, Freiberg/DE, G. Frisch, Freiberg/DE

PBI-type Polymers and Acidic Proton Conducting Ionic Liquids – Conductivity and Molecular Interactions

J. Lin, Jülich/DE, J. Giffin, Jülich/DE, C. Korte, Jülich/DE

The Influence of the Acidity of Protic Ionic Liquids on the ORR Kinetics on Pt Electrodes

Y. Suo, Jülich/DE, K. Wippermann, Jülich/DE, J. Giffin, Jülich/DE, W. Lehnert, Jülich/DE, C. Korte, Jülich/DE

Investigations on the local electron-tunnelling barriers in ionic liquids on gold

M. Lang, Karlsruhe/DE, S. Herzog, Karlsruhe/DE, P. Lavrova, Karlsruhe/DE, R. Schuster, Karlsruhe/DE

Water-induced proton conduction in an acidic protic ionic liquid

H. Hou, Jülich/DE, J. Giffin, Jülich/DE, C. Korte, Jülich/DE

The Interaction of Ionic Liquids and Lithium with Model Electrodes-A Model Study for the Solid-Electrolyte Interphase in Li-ion Batteries

F. Buchner, Ulm/DE, J. Kim, Ulm/DE, K. Forster-Tonigold, Ulm/DE, J. Bansmann, Ulm/DE, A. Gross, Ulm/DE, R. J. Behm, Ulm/DE

Transport Properties and Ionicity of Protic and Aprotic Guanidinium Ionic Liquids

R. Hempelmann, Saarbrücken/DE, F. Philippi, Saarbrücken/DE, H. Natter, Saarbrücken/DE, D. Rauber, Saarbrücken/DE

The Open Circuit Voltage of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Y. Cai, Jülich/DE, R. Li, Jülich/DE, U. Reimer, Jülich/DE, W. Lehnert, Jülich/DE

Electrochemical speciation measurements for geochemical modelling of bioleaching solutions

C. Ashworth, Freiberg/DE, G. Frisch, Freiberg/DE

Lithium transference numbers of ionic liquid/ lithium salt mixtures and of solvate ionic liquids: Comparing values from field-gradient NMR and from electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

F. Sälzer, Marburg/DE, B. Roling, Marburg/DE

Activation Energy and Pre-Exponential Factor: a Case Study on Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Pt, Ag and Au

Z. D. He, Ulm/DE, Y. X. Chen, Hefei/CN, E. Santos, Ulm/DE, W. Schmickler, Ulm/DE

Investigation of the electron transfer of monolayer graphene electrodes and its size effects

M. Wehrhold, Berlin/DE, R. M. Iost, Berlin/DE, T. J. Neubert, Berlin/DE, K. Balasubramanian, Berlin/DE

Modelling of Underpotential Deposition and Applications

M. V . Sangaranarayanan, Chennai/IN

Multiscale Electrochemistry Modelling of Lithium Dendrite Growth

D. Gaissmaier, Ulm/DE, Dr. D. Fantauzzi, Reykjavik/IS

Atom Probe Tomography for the in-situ Characterization of Electrochemical Metal-Electrolyte Interfaces

M. Al-Shakran, Ulm/DE, A. Farkas, Ulm/DE, T. Jacob, Ulm/DE

Ab Initio calculation on earth abundant molecular catalysts

F. Nägele, Ulm/DE

Improving Raman spectroscopy on solid-liquid interfaces: The distribution of shell-isolated nanoparticles at metal surfaces and its influence on pyridine adsorption/desorption spectra

M. Gräf, Marburg/DE, B. Roling, Marburg/DE

Characterization on the nanoscale: Electrochemical strain microscopy (ESM) on electrode materials

D. Renz, Marburg/DE, S. Bradler, Marburg/DE, B. Roling, Marburg/DE

Electrochemical studies of ionic adsorption at Au (111) in aprotic solvents using AC-voltammetry and EIS

A. S. Shatla, Bonn/DE, P. Reinsberg, Bonn/DE, A. A. Abd-El-Latif, Bonn/DE, H. Baltruschat, Bonn/DE

Electrochemical Deposition of Polyelectrolytes for Polymer Film Formation

S. Schneider, Aachen/DE, S. Schneider, Aachen/DE, F. Plamper, Aachen/DE

Interfacial Layering and Screening Behavior of Glyme-based Lithium Electrolytes

M. Nojabaee, Stuttgart/DE, H. W. Cheng, Vienna/AT, M. Valtiner, Vienna/AT, J. Popovic, Stuttgart/DE, J. Maier, Stuttgart/DE

In situ investigation of electrochemical nucleation and growth at liquid-liquid interfaces through X-ray reflectivity

A. Sartori, Kiel/DE, S. Festersen, Kiel/DE, J. Warias, Kiel/DE, F. Bertram, Hamburg/DE, S. Maldonado, Ann Arbor/US, B. M. Murphy, Kiel/DE, O. M. Magnussen, Kiel/DE

Pt oxidation studied with in situ Surface X-ray Diffraction: A comparison between Pt(111) and Pt(100)

T. Fuchs, Kiel/DE, M. Ruge, Kiel/DE, N. Stubb, Victoria/CA, B. Rahn, Kiel/DE, F. Reikowski, Kiel/DE, F. Carla, Grenoble/FR, R. Felici, Grenoble/FR, J. Stettner, Kiel/DE, J. Drnec, Grenoble/FR, D. A. Harrington, Victoria/CA, O. M. Magnussen, Kiel/DE

In situ Video-STM Studies of Sulfide Adsorbate Dynamics on Ag(100) in Halide Solutions

R. Amirbeigiarab, Kiel/DE, B. Rahn, Kiel/DE, O. Magnussen, Kiel/DE

Analysis of quasi-reversible voltammograms: transformation to potential-program independent form

T. Pajkossy, Budapest/HU

Determination of Real Electro-Active Surface Area of Common Metal Oxide Catalysts for the OER

S. Watzele, Garching/DE, P. Hauenstein, 85748 Garching/DE, Y. Liang, 85748 Garching/DE, B. Garlyyev, 85748 Garching/DE, D. Scieszka, 85748 Garching/DE, A. Bandarenka, 85748 Garching/DE

Redox-Active Interfaces Using Functionalized Monolayer Graphene

R. Iost, Berlin/DE, A. Yadav, Berlin/DE, M. Wehrhold, Berlin/DE, K. Balasubramanian, Berlin/DE

Strain controlled electrocatalysis on gold thin film

X. Wu, Hamburg/DE, M. Graf, Hamburg/DE, J. Weissmueller, Hamburg/DE

Hydrogen-derived electronic states at charged metal oxide-water interfaces

K. Rettenmeier, Salzburg/AT, J.M. Jiménez, Salzburg/AT, T. Berger, Salzburg/AT

Coadsorption of anions and cations on platinum

F. Gossenberger, Ulm/DE, S. Sakong, Ulm/DE

Coupling photosystem I to electrodes by a dual approach

D. Ciornii, Wildau/DE, F. Lisdat, Wildau/DE, S. Feifel, Wildau/DE, M. Hejazi, Berlin/DE, A. Zouni, Berlin/DE

Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Using Defective Multinary Transition Metal Oxides

N. Allam, New Cairo/EG, S. M. Fawzy, New Cairo/EG, M. M. Omar , New Cairo/EG

Competitive photoelectrochemical interface processes of dye-sensitize photoanodes investigate with scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM)

S. Scarabino, Oldenburg/DE, R. Ruess, Gießen/DE, D. Schlettwein, Gießen/DE, G. Wittstock, Oldenbrug/DE

Dihemic cytochrome c4 a non-natural electron conduit interconnecting photoenzymatic supercomplexes with interfaces

S. C. Feifel, Wildau/DE, K. S. Stieger, Wildau/DE, M. Hejazi, Berlin/DE, X. Wang, Marseille/FR, M. Ilbert, Marseille/FR, A. Zouni, Berlin/DE, E. Lojou, Marseille/FR, F. Lisdat, Wildau/DE

Formation of particle-particle contacts in mesoporous TiO2 photoelectrodes - Impact on charge transport and charge transfer efficiency

K. Rettenmaier, Salzburg/AT, T. Berger, 5020/AT

Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition of Cobalt Phosphide Deposited on Si Wafers for High Efficiency Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Evolution

Y. Chen, Halle (Saale)/DE, H. Zhang, Halle (Saale)/DE, A. Sprafke, Halle (Saale)/DE, S. Schweizer, Halle (Saale)/DE, R. Wehrspohn, Halle (Saale)/DE, W. Maijenburg, Halle (Saale)/DE

Combinatorial study of a ternary abundant-metal-oxide system for photoanodes

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Ultrasmall Cocatalyst Nanoparticles for Efficient Photoelectrocatalysis

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