6th Leipzig Symposium, "Arteries and Nerves of Processing Plants - Utilities and Automation"

19.03.2019 - 20.03.2019, Leipzig, Germany

6th Leipzig Symposium, "Arteries and Nerves of Processing Plants - Utilities and Automation"

Dear Reader,

The German Society for Fat Science (DGF) would once again like to invite you to Leipzig, for the 6th Leipzig symposium. The Leipzig symposium has always been committed to stimulating discussion among the operational bodies of the vegetable oil industry about the latest trends, in terms of technology, operation and management.

Furthermore, it aims at offering a forum for plant managers, production managers and QHSE managers to cover the discussion of ‘hands-on’ topics.

This year we would like to discuss the ‘arteries and nerves’ of production – often being ‘hidden champions’:

Keeping a plant running safely and smoothly at a constant high throughput, at high efficiency and at high yields is a plant manager’s dream. To reach this state – plenty of interacting processes and activities need to be kept in balance. These processes can be imagined as a system of a gears. If one of these fail, the whole process stops or at least runs in an inefficient manner. The lubricant of this system is steam, cooling water, compressed air, vacuum and automation. The importance of each gear-wheel and the lubricant often is just stated in case of failure, since the total process is only as stable as its weakest element.

In this 6th Leipzig Symposium we want to take a glance at these ‘hidden stars’ and discuss latest trends of design, upgrade and maintenance of these. As in the symposia before, this symposium is seen as platform for exchange between ‘practitioners’; thus it’s more the oil millers/technical stuff to be attracted, being willing to exchange experiences when discussing with the presenters. We hope to get the same problem solving spirit as did in the symposia before!

All these items will be discussed during the 6th Symposium in Leipzig – and we heartily invite you to participate and to contribute actively!

We look forward to meeting you in Leipzig!


Dr.-Ing. Jeanette Hollien and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thies Langmaack