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5th International Symposium "Dietary Fat and Health"

New Date: 09 -10 November 2021, Frankfurt/Main, Germany


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We kindly invite you to the 5th International Symposium on „Dietary fat and health“ at Frankfurt.

In the last years a lot of new data was generated regarding the health effects of alpha-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, marine omega-3 fatty acids and palmitic acid changing in some respects our previous knowledge. This Symposium is dedicated to summarize, interpret and discuss the clinical importance of these new findings and how to mediate them into the community.

Each presentation is scheduled for 40 minutes followed by hopefully 20 minutes of intensive discussion. In the best case each presentation and discussion should lead to new ideas about future projects and necessities.  

We look forward to welcoming you at Frankfurt whether you are a scientist, a clinician, a dietician or a student.


Werner O. Richter         Michael Bockisch                                                              

German Society for Fat Research (DGF)