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4th International Symposium on Microbial Lipids - From Biodiversity to Production Processes

02-04 December 2020, Munich-Garching, Germany

New date: 02-04 December 2020

Update 2 September 2020: due the legal situation in Bavaria it is currently not possible to hold onsite-meetings at Universities. The Microbial Lipid Meeting has to be postponed again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The 4th international Symposium on Microbial Lipids offers an exciting opportunity to foster and develop new interactions between young, as well as leading experts, with representatives of industry in the field of lipid sciences, to discuss the progress and the needs for a sustainable development of lipid production. As Lipids are not only indispensable in alimentation they are also widely used in cosmetics, for lubrication or as fuel so the current demand is high and satisfied by fossil or plant resources. Due to this importance and against the background of land use discussions, sustainable production of lipids from microorganisms can be a suitable alternative.

The symposium will cover the topics

- Biodiversity of oleaginous microorganisms

- Systemsbiology- from Genome to Product

- Microbial Lipids in Industrial Application

- (Bio-) Catalytical functionalization of Microbial Lipids

- Process Engineering

with a clear focus to the improvement of the efficiency of communication between research and industry. The Symposium aims to be a platform to discuss ways for setting-up new standards for research, development and production of Lipids to reinforce the potential of lipid research. Moreover, the clear industrial focus helps to address the customer’s needs but also aim for transfer of research results and a sustainable development.

The symposium brings together delegates from a wide range of discipline to discuss their latest findings in for microbial lipids, their production and processing, providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and forging of new ideas.

We kindly invite you to submit lecture or poster abstracts, to take part and to consider a sponsorship option.

The scientific committee

Thomas Brück, Technical University Munich

Christine Lang, MBCC Group, Microbiotics and Bioeconomy, Berlin

Robert Kourist, Technical University Graz