Electrochemistry 2020
At the Interface between Chemistry and Physics

"Electrochemistry undercover" - September 23-24, 2020 (online)



We are very sad that the in-person conference "Electrochemistry 2020" planned in Berlin had to be postponed to 2022 due to the corona pandemic. That is why we teamed up to offer an online event "Electrochemistry undercover" that particularly addresses our PhD students and post-docs as a small solace and substitute for the lively discussions and coffee chats that they won't be able to enjoy in person this year.

There are four tandem teams who will chair morning and afternoon sessions on 23rd and 24th of September one after each other (no parallel-sessions) with time slots of 20 minutes for presentation and discussion (regular conference slot):

Roland Marschall (Bayreuth) and Matthew Mayer (Berlin)
Michael Bron (Halle) and Tim Fellinger (München)
Mehtap Özaslan (Braunschweig) and Kai Exner (Duisburg-Essen)
Christina Roth (Bayreuth) and Karin Kleiner (Münster)

We also plan to host poster chats for those abstracts which are not selected for the limited number of presentation slots.

The abstract submission will be re-opened on 1st of July, and closes on 1st of August. We encourage PhD and post-docs to submit their work in the rich field of electrochemistry, ranging from electrocatalysis, fundamental and theoretical electrochemistry, electrosynthesis, fuel cells, batteries, photoelectrochemistry and others. We also encourage electrochemical groups to apply for hosting a "hub".

What is a hub? An electrochemistry group can organize an in-person meeting observing of course the respective Covid-19 rules, e.g. at KIT or Uni Bayreuth, and log-in as one participant only. In the coffee break, this group can invite an interesting guest and offer a coffee chat under THEIR OWN ZOOM link with SPECIFIC TOPIC to the conference participants (to be found in the programme). If you are interested in organizing this for your working group, please email to a.hannebauer@gdch.de.

If you have already submitted a contribution and you want it to be considered for the "Electrochemistry undercover", please send an email to a.hannebauer@gdch.de.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions and seeing you all online in September.



We thank you for your interest in the Electrochemistry 2020 in Berlin. Unfortunately we have to inform you that the meeting can not take place due to the current situation regarding COVID-19. After a thorough examination and consultation between the organizing committee and the GDCh, we have decided to postpone the conference to September 2022. Most probably it will take place in Berlin. The exact date and location are currently being discussed and will be announced as soon as possible on this website.

We are also examining the possibility of initiating an online-based event addressing doctoral students and postdocs in particular.

We look forward to a successful conference in September 2022.


Electrochemistry is a successful series of conferences, held every other year. Starting in Gießen (2008), followed by Bochum (2010), Munich (2012), Mainz (2014), Goslar (2016) and Ulm (2018), scientists working in the various areas of electrochemistry joined for discussing cutting-edge trends and applications. The conference is jointly organized by GDCh Fachgruppe Elektrochemie, GDCh Arbeitskreis Elektroanalytische Chemie, DBG, DECHEMA, AGEF, GfKORR and DGO. 

Electrochemistry will be continued in Berlin 2020. Outstanding electrochemists from Germany and from abroad will highlight research results and current trends. Parallel sessions will cover nearly all topics of electrochemistry from fundamental science to technical applications. 

Electrochemistry - At the Interface between Chemistry and Physics. In this spirit, the organizing committee and societies invite electrochemists, scientists from other disciplines, who are interested in electrochemistry, and students to meet in Berlin. Colleagues from industry and academia, from Germany and abroad are cordially invited to participate in the conference and to enrich its program by their scientific contribution.

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany and one of the most popular cities for tourists worldwide, but its unique atmosphere gives great opportunity for innovations and thinking outside the box. This will provide a fruitful forum for scientific exchange in electrochemistry in September 2020. So, save the date!

Scope of the conference - Topics

Electrochemical science and development generate the technology for many applications, e.g. energy storage, sensors, synthesis of chemicals, modification of surfaces and corrosion protection. Electromobility and biotechnology triggered a revival of electrochemical techniques recently. The conference program covers electrochemical topics from fundamental science to industrial application. Nowadays in science and development, cooperation between different disciplines is essential. This is particularly valid for modern electrochemical science. The program reflects the interdisciplinarity and the strong interplay between fundamental research and application in industry. The different topics are addressed by plenary and keynote lectures, contributed talks and posters.

Information concerning the Scientific

Local Organization Committee

Beatriz Roldán Cuenya (Fritz Haber Institut Berlin)
Holger Dau (Freie Universität Berlin)
Christina Roth (Universität Bayreuth)
Peter Strasser (Technische Universität Berlin)