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Microbiome, Short Chain Fatty Acids and Host Lipid Metabolism. An Interdisciplinary Meeting

Postponed to May 2021, Munich-Freising

++++The Meeting is postponed to May 2021++++
++++The new date is published as soon as possible.++++

Dear Reader,

Lipidome and microbiome research are “hot” topics that have even reached public media. The interaction of diet, gut microbiota and host lipid metabolism is key for several fundamental biological processes and critical for pathophysiological conditions, disease development and progression. Therefore, the DGF sponsored conference “Microbiome, Short Chain Fatty Acids and Host Lipid Metabolism - An Interdisciplinary Meeting” will bring together experts from the lipid metabolism field with microbiome scientists. This venue will give researchers the chance to connect and join forces to drive the scientific progress in their respective research fields.

The topics of the conference will include: the interaction of diet, gut microbiota and host lipid metabolism; bioactive lipids mediating microbiome-host signaling like short chain fatty acids and bile acids; the relevance of the microbiome for metabolic disease; and enabling technologies for lipidome and mediator analysis, which are crucial to obtain novel and solid data.

The keynote speakers selected for the meeting are prominent researches that have shaped the lipid metabolism and microbiome fields, respectively. Scientists will have the chance to present their work in the form of short talks and exchange their expertise at the poster session and conference dinner with local food, beer and wine. The meeting will be located at the beautiful campus of the Technical University Munich in Freising, Germany.

Josef Ecker, Technical University Munich
Christian Wolfrum, ETH Zürich