16th German Conference on Cheminformatics and EuroSAMPL Satellite Workshop

GCC 2020 November 1 - 3, 2020
EuroSAMPL November 4 - 5, 2020, Mainz/Germany

GCC 2020 and EuroSAMPL Satellite Workshop

GCC 2020 November 1-3, 2020 and EuroSAMPL November 4-5, 2020
in Mainz/Germany


The division Computers-In-Chemistry (CIC) of the German Chemical Society (Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V.) cordially invites you to participate in the

16th German Conference on Cheminformatics and EuroSAMPL Satellite Workshop
GCC 2020 November 1-3, 2020 and the EuroSAMPL November 4-5, 2020
in Mainz, Germany

Aim of the conference

The conference reflects and highlights the important role of Cheminformatics, which connects the modern information and data-driven world with computational modelling of molecular systems. It spans a wide range of subjects related to the use of computers in chemistry, pharmacy, materials science and biology; from informatics and data science to atomistic modelling, and from fundamental academic research to industrial applications. The scientific programme will include plenary and contributed lectures, posters and software presentations. The language of the conference is English.

List of confirmed speakers

GCC 2020
Natasja Brooijmans, Blueprint Medicines/US
Lee Cronin, University of Glasgow/UK
Anna Kohlmann, X-Chem Pharmaceuticals/US
Jens Meiler, Universität Leipzig/DE
Sereina Riniker, ETH Zürich/CH
Adrian Roitberg, University of Florida/US
Tamar Schlick, New York University/US
Jana Selent, University Pompeu Fabra/ES

John Chodera, MSKCC/US
David Mobley, UC Irvine/UK

EuroSAMPL Satellite Workshop

The SAMPL challenges (Statistical Assessment of the Modeling of Proteins and Ligands) were established in 2008 as a set of community-wide blind challenges aimed to advance computational techniques as standard predictive tools in rational drug design, covering problems ranging from host-guest and protein-ligand complexes to small molecule physicochemical properties. The SAMPL challenge series has attracted widespread interest from scientists engaged in the field of computer-aided drug design around the world. The current SAMPL organizers include Prof. David Mobley at University of California, Irvine, Prof. John Chodera at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Prof. Michael K. Gilson at University of California, San Diego, and Prof. Michael Shirts, at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Challenge results and perspectives are regularly discussed at virtual or real conferences, last time jointly run as the D3R (Drug Design Data Resource) / SAMPL workshop in San Diego, Aug 22-23, 2019. Due to the worldwide relevance of these challenges and a large fraction of contributions originating from outside the U.S.A., the EuroSAMPL workshop will for the first time be hosted in Germany as satellite meeting to GCC 2020. We hope to attract both theoreticians and experimentalists to bring together communities for advancing both data generation/curation and model development.


Registration will be possible for the full 5-day conference at an attractive package prize or for GCC 2020 and EuroSAMPL separately (details will follow).

Information about the Scientific Programme

Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Kast
Fakultät für Chemie und Chemische Biologie
Technische Universität Dortmund
Otto-Hahn-Str. 4a
44227 Dortmund

Phone: +49 231 755-3906
E-mail: stefan.kast@tu-dortmund.de

Conference Photo GCC 2019